Q&A With Taiwan Easterling

Following Wednesday's practice, redshirt freshman wide receiver Taiwan Easterling took the time to talk to the media about several issues including his role this week with the absence of Bert Reed, Virginia Tech and his plans for the spring.

With Bert Reed sitting out this week due to suspension, do you see your role changing at all?

TE: "I think I'm still going to do the same things and play the same role this week."

Over the past five games, you've been the leading receiver for the offense. Talk about what's contributed to that success.

TE: "I'm just trying to do the little things. Coach always talks about the little things leading up to the big things. So I just need to do the little things and let my play speak for itself."

Talk about the importance of the game this weekend and what it means for the ACC race.

TE: "This game is real big. It's probably going to determine who plays for the ACC title. It's going to be a battle out there against them. Everybody is going to have to be on the same page for us to win the weekend."

When you came to Florida State, you were one of the lower ranked players out of high school. Did you feel like you had more to prove than some of the other guys?

TE:"I feel like I came in with a chip on my shoulder. I felt like I had a little more to prove with me being low in the (recruiting) rankings. I felt like wanted to show the coaches that I definitely do belong."

You didn't receive an off from FSU until late in the process, do you still feel like you made the right decision waiting it out and coming to FSU?

TE: "I feel like I made the right decision all along. Me and my family talked about it all along and I felt that this is the place I need to be."

Do You plan on playing baseball this spring?

TE: "Oh yeah. I'm gonna play baseball."

How hard was it to watch the baseball team last season instead of playing for them since you have played your entire life?

TE: "It was hard. I was out there practicing and everything with them but I felt like it was the right thing to go through the spring (football). My shoulder was bothering me a little bit to so it helped give my shoulder a little bit of rest during that time but, this year it's something I'm really looking forward to is playing baseball."

How much did the decision not to play baseball last season help you on the football field?

TE: "It really paid off because I wouldn't know the things I know right now if I would have played baseball last year. So in the spring it helped me out a lot football-wise. I feel that it may have set me back a little baseball-wise but I'll be able to get back in the swing of it."

Was it even more difficult watching the baseball team play in the College World Series and you not being out there with them?

TE:"That was the worse thing. They told me that I could have come back after spring (football) if I wanted to, but I felt like that wouldn't be the right thing to do since I didn't play throughout the season and since I didn't contribute throughout the season so I just wanted to hold out until this season."

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