Keys to a Nole' Victory

The #23 Florida State Seminoles (5-1) will host the Virginia Tech Hokies (5-2) on Saturday afternoon in Doak Campbell Stadium. The Noles' are in great contention for the ACC Championship and this game is very important for this team.

Mack's keys to beating Virginia Tech.

1) Defensively, Florida State must contain Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor. Taylor lost his top four receivers from last year's squad. Things are so bad offensively for the Hokies that they have their top defensive player Victor Harris also known as "Macho" pulling double duty at corner and at receiver. Offensively, Virginia Tech is ranked 110 in total offense. Taylor is averaging by himself 74 yards per game rushing the football. Since Taylor plays quarterback that also includes yards that he lost being sacked. Florida State's defense must always be aware of where Taylor is because he is the key that makes their engine go. He also has the ability to prolong plays by scrambling. FSU's defensive front must continue to apply pressure and hit him hard when they do lay a hand on him.

2) Offensively, DON'T PLAY SCARED. Virginia Tech's defense is not what it was last year. That does not mean that they are no good. Christian Ponder must attempt to throw the ball deep so Tech does not load the box anticipating a run. Florida State's offense must match Tech's physical style and more. That means a lot of Marcus Sims and blocking until the whistle. Establish a running game that has been your bread and butter all season in victories. When Florida State is able to run the ball they are a much better team than when they are forced to throw.

3) Special teams, BE SPECIAL. Virginia Tech is known for their famous "Beamer Ball". Make sure that you win or attempt to win the kicking game.

4) Last but not least PLAY AGGRESSIVE.

Prediction- Noles 23 Hokies 10

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