Best Visit to Date?

Logan Thomas showed up on Florida State's radar approximately a month ago. Since then the coaches at FSU have been working hard recruiting the 4-star tight end. This past weekend Thomas made an unofficial visit to FSU to check out the game versus Virginia Tech. NoleDigest got his thoughts on the game and tells us what the visit did for the Noles in terms of his recruitment and where they stand.

Florida State has always been a school 4-star tight end Logan Thomas has been interested in. When the offer and interest came through Thomas was eager to learn more about the Seminole program and what they had to offer. This past weekend Thomas was in town to take in the big conference game against Virginia Tech. For Thomas the visit was a learning experience, and it was a visit he really enjoyed.

"The visit was good and it was a lot of fun," said Thomas. "I had a great experience and a good time there. Coming in I didn't know what to expect because I am really new to FSU football. I took this visit as a chance to learn and see what it was about. There were a lot of things I liked about it."

Logan told NoleDigest that he arrived a few hours before the start of the game. Normally recruits get there hours in advance so they can tour the campus and check out the facilities, as well as take the time to talk to the coaches. Thomas decided after the game to stay another day and do all of the things he couldn't before the game. For him it was a chance to really get to know the coaches and see what the school and facilities were like.

"I got to the game like 2 hours before it started," explained Thomas, "so I didn't get to do a lot of the things you'd normally do. When I got there they took me right in to meet Bobby Bowden. He was real cool and down to earth. He's been around forever so he really knows his stuff. After that I watched the game and all, we decided to stay Sunday so we could check out some things and talk to the coaches."

"On Sunday when I met the coaches they told me how they would like to use me in the offense," continued Thomas about his visit. "They are looking at me like a traditional tight end. They want to feature that position more and I thought that was awesome to hear. I also toured the campus and the facilities, which I thought were impressive. All of the weight rooms I have seen are pretty much the same size, but some facilities are bigger. When we pulled into the stadium I thought it looked like a castle. I didn't expect that. I also toured the academic facilities. FSU's academics are pretty good, as are most of the schools in the ACC."

As for the game Logan said he liked what he saw from the team, and he said the environment was exciting to be a part of. While the Seminoles didn't throw to the tight end, he did like the offense and the future they have.

"The FSU offense didn't use the tight end much but I understood that after meeting with the coaches on Sunday," explained Thomas. "The place was crazy and the fans get into it. I got to sit next to the student section which was great. The atmosphere overall was fun and the game itself was pretty good. Watching the offense you could tell they were young and still learning, but also you could see they are going to be very good in the future."

Florida State's tight end coach James Coley has been the coach recruiting Thomas for the Noles. Logan said he got a chance to meet with him and offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, and that the discussion they had went very well.

"I spent most of my time with Coach Coley," said Thomas, "and I also got a chance to meet Coach Fisher. Coach Coley seemed like a real cool guy. He knows his stuff and seems like he'll get the most out of you as a player. They both were telling me that they want to get the tight end the ball more and that I could come in and play early there if I picked up the system. Both my dad and I were pleased with that."

Logan said leading up to the visit that he planned on trimming his list soon after his time in FSU. While there isn't a set timeframe for that decision, he said he has an idea of the schools that will make up his top 5.

"I need to sit down and go over some things with my family," expressed Thomas. "I'd say I am pretty even still but I have an idea about the schools that are at the top of the list. I'm thinking about visiting Virginia this weekend but after that there are no other set plans as of now."

Overall the unofficial visit for Logan was great as he got his first chance to see what the Seminole program had to offer. Listening to him one would be able to tell that the visit left a big impression on him.

"I really, really had a lot of fun on this visit," stated Thomas. "I learned a whole bunch about them (FSU). I'd say it's the best visit I've had. My dad is a big Miami fan but he liked it too. I had a good visit and liked what I saw. I'd say they are definitely going to make my top 5 and that I will probably make an official visit to them later in the year."

It's clear that the visit paid off for both sides when it comes to Logan and his recruitment. FSU is looking to sign at least one tight end this year, and if things continue to develop as they have Thomas may be one of the primary targets for FSU this year. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track the rest of Thomas' senior season, as well as the rest of the recruits from the 2009 recruiting class.

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