Keys to a Nole' victory vs. Georgia Tech

#16 Florida State plays Georgia Tech this afternoon at 3:30. The Noles' are in great contention for the ACC Championship and every game is important from here on out. Here are the keys to the game.

1) 20 points is the magic number. Every game that Georgia Tech lost their opponent scored twenty points or more. If Florida State's offense puts up at least twenty their chances of winning dramatically go increase.

2) Block well and tackle well. Georgia Tech has the best defensive line that Florida State will probably face all this season. The Seminole offensive line has been hearing all week how they will be getting dominated on Game day. Coach Trickett has been coaching his guys all up all week for this game. On the defensive side of the ball, the Noles' must tackle well. Georgia Tech runs a different type of offense with the triple option attack.

3) Stop the RUN. Georgia Tech is run offense is ranked #9 in the country. They are averaging 236 yards per game. Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson said this past week that if Florida State holds his team to their normal rushing yardage allowed then the Jackets will LOSE. The Seminoles defense is allowing 79 yards. Tech back Jonathan Dwyer is the top playmaker on the offense.

4) Play your assignments. FSU needs to play their assignments today than the game plan will work against the Yellow Jackets. If you get caught looking or trying to slide around a block instead of filing the hole or playing your man than it will be a very long day.

5) Go deep early and often. Georgia Tech will be missing their top cornerback for this contest. Florida State needs to attack the Yellow Jackets deep so that they don't load the box trying to stop the run or bring multiple blitzes.

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