Sims breaks the silence

After denying comment to the media ever since the events of Saturday evening, Marcus Sims decided to talk about the late game fumble and put it behind him for good. After getting in a few answers, Coach Carter stepped in to speak with the media as well on Sims and his situation.

Q: Just talk about how this week has been going for you and how you're getting past that.

Sims: "I'm just trying to get through that right now and focus on getting through the week. I'm focusing and working hard in practice just trying to get to the next game and put all of that behind me."

Q: How have your teammates been through all of this?

Sims: "I think I got some of the greatest teammates in the world. Everything that the rest of my teammates have been saying to me has really been giving me motivation and helping me keep my head up. I just got to make sure I keep doing the right things and not get down on myself. That's the biggest thing; just keep doing the right things."

Q: What has Coach Fisher had to say to you since the game?

Sims: "He told me that there are going to be ups and downs in my career and that I'm going to make mistakes. I made a mistake at the wrong time and the wrong place basically and I just got to fix it. We all make mistakes but mine was pretty much at a big time in the game. So I just need to keep working to fix it and hold on to the ball and do everything right."

Then Coach Carter stepped in with a message to the media and fans.

"First of all, fumbling is in the dictionary and it's not in there because of him. Football exists. Interceptions exist and fumbles exist. Because of his timing, everyone is putting emphasis on it. We can go ahead and put that in the past. It is gone and over. He's not the first one to fumble and he won't be the last one to fumble. I'm the running backs coach and I'm the one that deals with that. I've done it before and I've done it in his situation and life does go on. I'm not worried about what he's thinking about that fumble and how it happened. It happened and it exists. It happened at a bad time and everybody didn't die. You guys don't look at film and dissect the play from one to one on how it happened. Defenses play to hit the ball. He put his helmet right one the ball. Okay. And someone was supposed to block him and he didn't get blocked. Nobody is talking about that. But forget about it and who cares? The bottom line is that we are a number of days away from the next game and I don't want him sitting here and thinking about it. The bottom line is he already went through the worst moment he could which is after the game. It is over. There's no need to really think about it. It may happen again. Hopefully it won't but it will at some point. It wasn't his first fumble and it won't be his last. Quarterbacks throw interceptions; the person carrying the ball will fumble at some point. We can't sit here and think about it because it affects him moving on to the next game. I coach to hang on to the ball. I coach not to fumble, but those other guys over there (on defense) are getting their education too. They are being taught to get their hands on the ball and to rip it out. And they are being taught to put their helmet on the ball and try to knock it out. He we are Wednesday still talking about it? He's having to deal with it out there (in his personal life and at school). Let them talk about it. We don't care. We're focused; we're tunnel vision on where we are going from this point forward. This team needs him. He was playing hell of good football. I don't want this to affect him and stop him from playing hell of good football. We got to move forward. Next time if you guys get denied comment until Wednesday then move on. That's like drinking before a Saturday or Sunday game whether your in college or the pros. Hell, if you drink Wednesday, it's going to affect you on Saturday. He shouldn't be thinking about a fumble on Wednesday because it's on his mind. I lived through all my damn fumbles and moved on. And had a great game next week. And that's what he's gonna have. The same great games he's been having.

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