Bright gets the answers he was looking for

Florida State hosted 4 official visitors this weekend as they took on the Clemson Tigers in a pivotal ACC match-up that the Noles had to win. Justin Bright was impressed with what he saw over the weekend. NoleDigest caught up with Justin to talk about the visit, and about how he may have a tough decision to make in December.

Justin Bright has stayed firm in his commitment to Florida State since he went public in May. Over the past month several schools have started to pursue him heavily at a time when FSU wasn't contacting him as much as he'd like. With schools like Stanford, North Carolina and Virginia Tech entering the picture at the time Bright started to consider other options. After learning that a glitch caused the problem, Bright was relieved. After visiting this weekend, Justin is even surer that FSU is where he fits best.

"For some time I wasn't really hearing from FSU," said Bright, "so I started wondering what was up. After talking to them I got that figured out which was cool. You know, you get away from here (FSU) and forget about. Coming here this weekend brought back why I committed. It was a good trip. I'm glad I came for the visit because I was upset for a while. Everything is all good now."

Justin wanted to come in and meet some of the players, as well as enjoy the visit during the weekend. He told NoleDigest that he was able to all of that. He said he was happy to get a chance to meet fellow commitment Jacobbi McDaniel and Demonte McAllister, as well as taking in a solid win for the Noles.

"It wasn't like a big official visit," said Bright about the visit. "I say that because the coaches know I am committed so they didn't have to try to get me to make a decision or anything like that. The coaches planned the visit well and kept me active throughout. I took some time to see the facilities and talk to Coach Stroud. I was hanging out with Jon Bostic and his family during that. Coach was talking about his history and about his program. He was talking about the impact Coach Buckley has made with his experience and all."

"Before the game I finally got to meet Jacobbi McDaniel and Demonte McAllister," continued Bright about who he met on the visit. "I was talking to them about their seasons. It was good to meet them because it's important to me that I get to know the people I'm coming in with. The more we talk the more of a family we'll be when we come in. I got their numbers so I can stay in touch. I also talked some to Bostic during the visit. He and his family all looked like they were really enjoying themselves."

In talking about the game Justin said he was happy the Noles bounced back from the early 10-0 deficit. Minus the early errors the teams was impressive.

"It was a good game," said Bright. "The defense played an overall good game after the fixed the missed assignments early. They made the adjustments after Clemson came out with some different formations they weren't expecting. The running backs looked good again….the whole team looked good. That last score by C.J. Spiller came when the game was over, but everyone was happy overall. Corey (Miller) and Brandon (Willis) seemed liked they really enjoyed it."

One of the biggest reasons Bright committed to FSU was because of defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews. Bright said the best part of his visit was talking to Coach Andrews and Coach Bowden. After talking to his future position Coach Bright may have a big decision to face in the near future.

"Mickey Andrews is a special coach and a good leader, and he is a big reason why I like them," explained Bright. "I met with him for a while. We talked about me being a player for them and about how I need to do what I am supposed to do. He told me he isn't worried about me qualifying or anything like that. It was more about making the transition from high school to college."

"When we were talking he mentioned to me how they may be losing a lot of guys this year," continued Bright on his talk with Coach Andrews. "I don't want to rush anything but I may start thinking about enrolling early again. It's never been locked in that I wouldn't. Knowing they are thin at the position helps. We talked about me coming in and not having the mindset that I'd redshirt. They don't want any freshman thinking that because they may have to play at some time. My plan is to come in either way and do my best. Getting adjusted to the speed is the key. I may do it or I may not. I just have a lot of thinking to do now about it. We'll see….it's going to be a big decision I am going to make. I need to take a step back and look at things. You see the positives of getting there early and getting going."

"It is always cool meeting with Coach Bowden," said Bright about talking to FSU's legendary coach. "He's a wise man and is always happy. You go in his office and see all the history there. He has stuff from Bear Bryant, pictures, trophies and everything. I expressed to him that I want to get into coaching after I am done playing. He kind of chuckled and said that was good. I wanted to get advice from him because he's been one of the best. He said go through college and go from there. He told me they'd help me out and maybe I could stick around there after. Going there and learning from all of those coaches would be like a 5 year internship if I redshirted. Other than that we talked about the season and all that kind of stuff."

Last year the coaches added a new aspect to the experience of visiting FSU when they made a 3-D highlight film for the recruits to watch. Bright said watching the new version of the film got him excited to the point where he was ready to play.

"I watched the new 3-D film with the other recruits," expressed Bright. "That thing got me crunk! I got going watching it. I think everyone in there loved it."

Overall Bright said the visit went well. This was the first game he's ever been to at Doak Campbell Stadium, so it was his first experience seeing Chief Osceola and the Warchant in person. He said seeing it gave him the chills.

"You know I grew up on Clemson," said Bright. "I used to get chills when they ran down the hill. Seeing Chief Osceola, the chant and the chop gave me big chills. I was happy that I got a chance to take it all in. Overall I'd rate the visit a 9 only because I was so tired that I didn't get to do some of the things I wanted. The coaches planned it perfect and showed me a lot of respect. I wanted more time there. I was supposed to do something with Jamie Robinson after eating with Everett (Dawkins), Brandon and Corey, but I was too tired. I did get a chance to hang out at Burt Reynolds Hall with the guys. That was all good."

Justin said at the game that he may visit Stanford some time after the season, but it all depends on if he decides to enroll in January. If he does make a visit, there is nothing to worry about. This visit confirmed everything for Justin when it comes to his future as a Seminole. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track Justin's decision, as well as the rest of his senior season.

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