Markus White Q&A

It took nine games, but defensive end Markus White finally took down an opposing teams quarterback for the first time in his short FBS career. Following Tuesday's practice, Markus spoke exclusively with NoleDigest on his big moment and several other topics.

ND: What went through your mind when you got that sack?

Markus: "Finally. That's all I said and everybody was telling me. They all said ‘you finally got you one'. It was a great moment for me and I love that it finally happened. At the same time, I don't want it to stop there. I want to make sure I get a lot more. I was pretty much just cracking the egg there. I was hoping to get one the first game but I didn't, so I kept working hard and finally got it. I'm just looking for some more so I can start to stack up on them."

ND: Has it been tough getting used to playing against this level of competition as opposed to JUCO?

Markus: "Back in junior college, all I really had to do was work hard and keep hustling and I could have my way with those guys. I mean those guys were big and fast, but I would consider myself a lot bigger and faster than most of them. Now, the guys got me. I'm playing against guys that are 6'8" or bigger and 300 plus pounds that can still move pretty good. It's a bigger challenge you know? I'm going against bigger opponents and it takes a while to get used to these guys. As long as I'm ready to keep taking the test on, I'm going to get better every day."

ND: What were the coaches telling you after getting your first sack?

Markus: "For the most part, every coach was really happy for me. They were all really excited that I finally got my first sack and everything and they just told me to they could tell I was really hungry and the hustle is finally paying off."

ND: Were you surprised it took you so long to get your first sack?

Markus: "Oh yeah. I thought I was gonna go out there and maybe not get many tackles on run fits and everything, but I thought for sure I would go out there and get a lot of sacks on third down plays and what not."

ND: What are your goals for the remainder of the season now?

Markus: "Just feed off what I know and get better. I want to get better at what I'm not good at right now. I want to become more and more complete. I can still work on a couple pass rush moves and run stops. I want everything to be instinct. Once I get to where I want to be, everyone will know."

ND: As far as the whole blackout thing goes, is that mostly for the fans or do the players really get pumped for it too?

Markus: "I love it. Different cleats, different socks, different pants, different jerseys, everything. I just can't wait to get to this game. I watched it on TV last time they did it and I was like ‘man, that's some nice uniforms in my opinion.' If you look good then you feel good, and if you feel good then you play good. I think every player is really excited about the all blacks."

ND: Does it make it even more exciting that the game is at night and on ABC for the majority of the country to see?

Markus: "Coaches usually tell us that we have a chance to make a name for ourselves, and this is the perfect situation. Us in all black, the crowd in all black and it being homecoming, what better time and place to do it then 7:45 Saturday night. That's where it's at."

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