On The Warpath: Best practice we've ever had

Thursday afternoon, Florida State held their final practice of the week in preparations for Boston College Saturday. Coach Bowden, Coach Fisher and Christian Ponder all addressed the media with final thoughts before the game including thoughts on the Wednesday brawl.

Bowden still mum on fight

Wednesday afternoon during Florida State's weekly "Market Wednesday" there was a fight involving approximately four Florida State football players and members of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. There have been several accounts given on the fight but police are still investigating to try and find out exactly what happened. NoleDigest has heard several matching stories but are waiting for the police release before we release any more information.

As of the conclusion of Thursday's practice, Coach Bowden still didn't have much to say on the altercation.

"We still haven't gotten the final report yet so there's not much I can say or comment further than that," Bowden said.

When asked when he expects to receive a final report, Coach Bowden said he was not sure but he would think it would come any time now. If there is not a report released by Saturday, Bowden says he is not sure what the team will do.

"I don't know. I'll have to talk to the Athletic Director and the President."

Ponder Focused on BC

With everything going on for the past 36 hours, quarterback Christian Ponder insists that the team is ready to play and not distracted one bit by the events of Wednesday afternoon.

"It was a pretty good week, especially today. This was probably our best Thursday practice all year," Ponder said. "With all the distractions going on, we had our minds focused and did well."

As far as the defense Ponder expects to see, a tough defense that won't give up any big plays. He reiterated that patience will be key if the offense hopes to be successful this weekend.

"We're going to have to be patient and take what they give us. We're going to have to check down, get it to the backs and players in space. They're going to try our patience and I'm just going to have to sit back and take what they give us."

Jimbo calls Thursday's practice "best we've ever had"

In situations like these, most coaches would try to cover up any disruptions in practice, but by talking with offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, it sounds like the team had done the best they can, given the circumstances, staying focused on the task at hand in Boston College.

Following the final practice of the week, a day after the altercation, Fisher said the team looked as good as they have since he has been at Florida State.

"We started out just a hair slow, the first play or two and then they got going," Fisher said. "We started to do what we do, we were real crisp and even things like substitutions went well. I was very pleased with practice today and this week."

"This team has done a great job staying focused. Once we got between the white lines, it was nothing but a normal practice just like we do every day."

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