Bert speaks up

For the first time since last weeks ‘altercation' in the student union, redshirt freshman Bert Reed spoke about his part in the incident and what he expects to come from it once the dust settles.

Florida State took the field without three receivers who contribute week in and week over this past Saturday when the 'Noles took on Boston College. Whether or not the team will have them back in time for this weekend is still up in the air although Coach Bowden has said they will play if the final decision is left up to him.

"Hopefully things get settled this week," Reed said. "I think we'll get to the bottom of this thing and hopefully it's over so it can stop being a distraction to my team so we can get back to rolling."

For Reed personally, this was already the third suspension in his first season of action with Florida State. There is a good chance that he may be one wrong move away from being kicked off of the team. Reed, who was concerned more about his team after his first two suspensions, says he is now focusing on working things out in his personal life.

"I'm disappointed in myself. It's a lot about me," Reed said. "The first two times, it was about my teammates and how I did my team. But now it's more about me and how I need to get my life together and I really know that now. I need to start making the right decisions to start going in the right direction."

The final decision on the future of everyone involved will not come until a final police report is released. It is still uncertain as to when it may come but it is expected to be soon.

"It could be tomorrow but I'm not sure whenever it could be. I just want to control what I can control and come out here and work hard so I can help my team. I just pray to God that everything works out."

As to Reed's involvement based on his side of the story, he says he was doing his best to end the brawl and was surprised his name even came up in the first place.

"I'm not worried about it," Reed said. I wasn't really worried about it before. I really didn't think that my name was going to get mixed up in it as much as it did. I was trying to be the mediator in the whole thing. Me just being there and just having a couple things against my record hurt me in the situation. It was kind of unfair to me and played against me but life is unfair and things happen."

"I'm pretty confident that everything's going to work out here."

Getting back out on to the practice field was very helpful for Reed, who says he uses football as an escape. Hopefully, the young receiver can get back on to the field this weekend and help the 'Noles as the weekend is a must win if FSU hopes to play for the ACC title in December.

"Just being out here is good for me. It lets me clear my mind of a lot of things because when I'm out here it's all I think about."

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