Smith still visiting FSU?

Florida State's recruiting board at corner isn't like it's been over the past couple recruiting seasons. This year the Seminoles are after a select few recruits, with one being Atlanta-Washington standout Branden Smith. Last month Smith planned an official visit to FSU for the annual rivalry game when the Noles play Florida. NoleDigest caught up with him to see if the visit is still in the works.

Branden Smith is arguably one of the fastest players this season. ranks the talented playmaker as the 7th best cornerback in the nation for the 2009 class. This season Smith has been Mr. Utility for his team as he's played quarterback, receiver and defensive back. Unfortunately for Branden his play wasn't enough as his team's season came to an end in the first round of the playoffs.

"I'm doing well," said Smith. "I just finished up my senior season of football. We lost in the first round of the playoffs which was very disappointing, but things happen for a reason. It's time to move on. Overall I felt that I had an outstanding season. I progressed as a player, made a lot of plays and felt that I was a leader and role model for my team."

Earlier in the fall Branden trimmed his list down to the 5 schools that he wanted to visit, but at the same time left things out there for other schools to still have a shot. Since then Smith has taken 3 of his scheduled 5 official visits. He briefly told NoleDigest what he liked about his visits so far:

Florida: "I liked the coaching staff and the atmosphere."

Tennessee: "I liked the coaching staff, but I eliminated them when Coach Fulmer got fired."

Alabama: "Same as the others in that I liked the coaches and the atmosphere. That was a good visit overall. Knowing that Coach Saban is the head coach, but also coaches defensive backs as well, is a good thing with them."

Florida State and Georgia are the final two visits Smith is scheduled to take. According to Branden things may change soon if things remain how they are with the Seminoles.

"Right now I haven't been hearing much from the coaches at FSU," explained Smith about FSU. "To be honest I am not really thinking about that right now so it hasn't bothered me. If they don't call me I guess I will visit someone else. I'm still planning on visiting, and I'd like to visit, but since I'm still open another school may jump in there. It's all about staying on my Ps and Qs."

Since he announced his list many fans of recruiting penciled him in Georgia's class. He said he understands why people think that due to the Bulldogs being the home team, but he says that is yet another rumor he's been dealing with.

"There've been a lot of rumors with my recruitment," said Smith. "First it was that I was a lock to Clemson. Then it was I was going to LSU. I understand why people think I'm going there (to Georgia) because they're the home team, but I am truly wide open. I don't let the rumors phase me; I'm not favoring anyone and no school has ever been the top school. I have my top 4 but schools can still move into that list."

Branden still plans on making his announcement at the ESPN UnderArmour All-American game thus people will have to tune into the game to see who he chooses. Until then Branden plans on staying in shape and getting ready for track in the spring.

"I'm going to run track again this year so I can work on my speed," stated Smith. "I want to so that in college; all of the schools in my top 4 have good track programs. This off-season I want to work on the basics with my game, add some weight and keep my speed. That's all I really have planned now that my football season is over."

With the need for cornerbacks this year it's kind of peculiar that FSU isn't staying in contact with one of the top players in the nation for this season. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track this story and to see if Branden still plans on making his visit to FSU at the end of the month.

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