What needs to happen to get to Tampa

The loss last week to Boston College was a major let down as the Seminoles learned before the game that they now controlled their own destiny. After the loss in primetime Florida State sits at 7-3 overall and 4-3 in ACC play. While the loss was ill-timed, there is still a chance that FSU can win the Atlantic Division and play for the ACC Championship.

What could have been for Florida State had they won last weekend against Boston College? After getting the Clemson monkey off their backs FSU came into the homecoming game last weekend 7-2 with a great shot at winning their division in the ACC. The media was starting to pay attention to an FSU squad that was 12 points away from being undefeated, and some media types had them penciled in as the prohibitive favorite to represent the conference in the BCS.

What made the game against the Eagles last weekend even more important was the fact that Wake Forest, who at the time was leading the division, fell to N.C. State 21-17. For the Seminoles the loss by the Demon Deacons meant that all they had to do was win their final two conference games, which at the time seemed like a feasible goal as Boston College was giving up 38 points per game on the road and Maryland was playing the role of Jekyll and Hyde. It was all for not as the Seminoles played their worst game since the 12-3 debacle to Wake earlier in the season in the 27-17 loss to Boston College. Now that 4 teams are tied for first in the Atlantic it's anyone's ball game. NoleDigest takes a look at what needs to happen for the Seminoles to still earn that spot in the ACC Championship Game in December.

Florida State Can Still Win, but Now They Need Help

Simply put, FSU shot themselves in the foot with the performance they had last weekend. Boston College came in struggling, as the offense was led by a quarterback who was completing less than 55% of his passes and had more interceptions than touchdowns. With the loss Maryland, FSU, Wake Forest and Boston College are now tied for first in the division. Here is how it looks heading into this weekend:

Maryland 4-2 7-3
Florida State 4-3 7-3
Wake Forest 4-3 6-4
Boston College 3-3 7-3

With two weeks remaining in the regular season FSU and Wake have one conference game remaining (FSU has their rivalry game against Florida in two weeks while Wake plays Vanderbilt). Here are the remaining ACC schedules for each of the 4 schools vying for the division title:

Florida State Nov. 22 at Maryland
Maryland Nov.22 Florida State, Nov. 29 at Boston College
Boston College Nov. 22 at Wake Forest, Nov. 29 Maryland
Wake Forest Nov. 22 Boston College

What Needs to Happen for FSU to make the ACCCG?

First and foremost Florida State has to do something they haven't done since 2002 and that's winning at Maryland. Maryland has showed this year that they can be an absolutely dominating as they've beaten every ranked team they've faced in California, Clemson, Wake and North Carolina. On the flip-side they've shown that they can be down-right terrible, for instance in the loss to Middle Tennessee State and the shut-out loss to Virginia. This has not been an easy game for the Seminoles lately as the teams have each won at home since 2004. An FSU win places them at 5-3 in the division and puts them in the race. Here's what needs to occur for them to achieve their goal of making the championship game:

Maryland: They need to lose to FSU this weekend and beat Boston College. That will put them at 5-3 also, but FSU will have the tie-breaker against them.

Boston College: They now actually control their own destiny. If they win the next two weeks they'll play for the ACC Championship. FSU needs Boston College to beat Wake Forest and lose to Maryland which will put them at 4-4 in conference for the season.

Wake Forest: FSU needs Wake to lose this weekend to BC. A win knocks FSU out. A loss puts them at 4-4 also in the division.

Will it Happen?

Who is to say? The ACC has been up and down all season as what should happen hasn't happened. FSU needs to take care of business this weekend and hope for the best. There are a lot of things that need to happen for FSU to make the ACCCG, but as we've seen this year with this conference there is still a good chance that some good luck will put the Noles in Tampa in December.

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