Is Thornton still in FSU's plans?

Kyrhi Thornton just missed qualifying for the 2008 recruiting class, thus having to go to Hargrave this semester to work on his test scores. In June Thornton told NoleDigest that he was on track to enroll at Florida State in January. In his latest update he updates his status and talks about if he'll be a Nole come next semester.

If Kyrhi Thornton hadn't had grade issues at Pensacola-Bay he would have been a heavily recruited player. Before Signing Day 2008 Florida State was still looking for defensive tackles, thus the interest in Thornton. The coaches told Kyrhi that if he qualified that he had a scholarship. After missing it by two points Thornton was placed at Hargrave to work on his test scores at the post-grad academy. In June NoleDigest reported that everything was on track for Thornton to enroll in January. In the latest update with the 6'4" 290 pound defensive tackle NoleDigest finds out the latest.

"I'm trying to get this one class done by December," said Thornton. "It's an on-line class so I shouldn't have any problems getting that done. The coaches at FSU told me that I need to be qualified by the end of January in order to go there. I will know for sure by the end of the month if I get this class and qualify. I shouldn't have any problems because my teacher told me I am doing well and I got a qualifying test score on the ACT. I got the combined 81 for the 4 tests, which means I can go anywhere I want."

Thornton says that going to FSU is still his goal and that it's where he wants to go to college. He has stayed in contact with a few of the coaches at FSU, but he also says he is looking at a few other schools just in case the offer from FSU falls through.

"FSU is still where I want to go," explained Thornton, "but I also have a lot of schools that are still recruiting me. Coach Coley and Coach Bowden both told me that they are looking at me hard but that they have a limited number of scholarships, hence the deadline. After I finish this class all I will have to do is wait for the Clearinghouse to clear me. They also said they are reviewing my tape from this past year to make sure I can play. I understand that because a lot of players dominate high school but can't hack it on the next level. I missed some games due to an ankle sprain but I had a good year here."

"Clemson and USF are the other schools I'm going to consider," continued Thornton. "Clemson offered me the first month I got here and USF goes back to last year. I'm not going to shy away just in case. FSU came through with the verbal offer last December, and they've been tops since."

As it stands right now it seems as though Kyrhi is just a few short weeks away from realizing his dream of being a Seminole. He has his back-ups just in case, but that is something he is hoping he doesn't have to consider.

"Right now I don't know the final word, and the coaches told me they'll get back to me about my film here soon," stated Thornton. "The way the coaches are saying it I will be at FSU next month. I hope that's what happens. But if it doesn't Clemson and USF will be the two schools I decide between."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track this developing story with Kyrhi, as well as for all the latest recruiting news for the 2009 recruiting class.

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