Recruiting Road Map

In this third and final installment, FSU recruiting coordinator John Lilly talks about the Seminoles' needs on offense. "We have confidence in the guys we got, but they just don't have much experience. You would like them for them to have a little more experience but, of course, they are going to get that under fire next year," Lilly said of the team's returning linemen.


Need: Hot

"When you look at it, you have two guys who are going to be juniors (Chris Rix and Fabian Walker) and then you have a redshirt freshman (Wyatt Sexton) and you always want to sign one. We've seen before what happens when you don't have a quality quarterback and you seen how quickly you can lose one. In 1998, if we didn't have a good third-team quarterback we would have never been able to make it to the national championship game. So, that's always going to be a hot position but I think this year especially with it being only three guys returning, it's defenitely a position you have to have."

Running Backs

Need: Medium

"Tailback back, I say medium because you have seen how quickly they can go down. If you really look at it, big back hot. Scat-back or smaller back would probably be medium to cold because when you look at Willie Reid, Leon Washington, Thomas Clayton, Lorenzo Booker, you have four guys who are sophomore or below. Of course, Greg coming back is the only big back, quote-unquote, that we've got. So, we are definitely trying to sign another big back. We kind of enjoy having that as a mixture with the smaller guys. That has really been a positive thing."

Tight end

Hot: Need

"Tight end is hot, it always is. But at the same time it has been very difficult for us to sign them for whatever reason. But you have Paul Irons and Matt Henshaw back and you lose Patrick Hughes. You basically have two guys back. We would really like to have four that we can play with. If you only have two, you really can't even practice all the things you want to do when you do multiple tight end stuff."

Offensive Line

Need: Hot

"Definitely hot. You have five fifth-year seniors essesentially that we came into the year with. Milford (Brown), of course, was not with us this year and you lose the other four. You are basically trying to replace essentially what coming into the year was your starting offensive line. You are not sitting out there looking and saying, ‘Hey, we have to sign starters at this position. Guys who are going to immediately start.' But you need to get some guys in that can maybe help contribute, a couple of them, and then certainly can be ready to play their second year with the things we have. You would like to go (junior college), but this has not been strong a year in junior college offensive line as you would hope to. I don't know if there is a Walter Jones or a Milford Brown or somebody out there. When we go to junior colleges to recruit, you don't want to bring in somebody who is not going to play. You are bringing in somebody where it's an immediate need and where they can come in and play for you right away. There's definitely openings there but we don't want to sign two or three junior college guys just to say we signed two or three junior college guys if they can't come in and play right away. We have confidence in the guys we got, but they just don't have much experience. You would like them for them to have a little more experience but, of course, they are going to get that under fire next year."


Need: Hot

"Receivers are hot because we are a little top heavy there. We are losing Talman (Gardner), Robert Morgan, Anquan (Boldin) will be a senior for us (next year). And we have four juniors. And then we have Lorne Sam and Chris Davis, who redshirted this year. So, we do have a little bit of a top-heavy position and it's one it's always going to do the brunt of the pass-catching for us. We would like to be able to get back to the no-huddle and the wide-open stuff, the three and four wide and all that. It's very difficult to do when you don't have enough receivers to be able to roll them in there because those guys are going to get tired. And we have had to piece together some four-wide groups over the last couple of years. Last year, shoot, it was B.J. Ward and Carver Donaldson and those guys were having to play a position they were not necessarily comfortable or familiar with just to get four wides out there or the appearance of four wides. I think it's always going to be hot. I feel like anybody we sign at that position kind of has to be ready to play right away. I don't know if we are going to have the luxury of redshirting any of them."

Coach Lilly on the high school playoffs at Doak Campbell Stadium. FSU does not have any playes making official visits this weekend so they can concentrate on this event.

"I think it's a great thing but we are very limited with what we can in terms of contact of anybody. Even in terms of watching all the games based on whether or not you have seen, or visited with certain individuals during the week or been by their school during the week. But it's still a positive, having them in your stadium and given the opportunity to showcase your university and your football program, it's always going to be something that's going to be positive. It's a great experience not only for guys who are seniors, but even sometimes more so for sophomores and juniors, guys who in a couple years will be looking around and making a choice. Maybe they had a great experience here."

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