Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry

Lonnie Pryor's regular season is now over, but his time on a high school football field isn't. In his latest diary entry Pryor talks about his post season plans, his unofficial visit to the FSU/Florida game, and the latest visit he had from Seminole coach James Coley.

Entry No. 25

I'm playing in the Outback game down here in South Florida, and I am playing in the North/South All-Star game. Both are cool because of different reasons. 3 of my teammates are going to play in the Outback game so it'll be fun playing in that game with them. The North/South game is big for me. I want to go there and ball. It's the best players in the area so if I play well I'm hoping to get myself out there some more. I am a little disappointed neither of the big games invited me because I think I could play in them.

Coach Coley was here last week to pop in for a visit. He mainly was down here to check in on me and look at my transcripts and test scores. It's all good there so he was happy. He was telling me that he's going to give me some numbers of recruits he wants me to call. Also I think he'll be here some time this week to see me again.

One of the surprises is that my coach resigned. To be honest that didn't surprise me at all. He is still at the school teaching, but he is done coaching. He's one of my best friends and I had a blast playing for him. A lot of people here thought he quit because it was because he lost 16 seniors but it's more than that. People don't know what's going on, but he had his reasons. I don't know what he's going to do but I wish him well.

I gotta say the Florida game sucked. It was wet and I was freezing. Even though it was raining the crowd was great. Most acted like it wasn't even raining. The good part was that I got to talk to Dustin Hopkins, Jacobbi McDaniel, JaJuan Harley and Bryan Stork. We were all talking about next year and the future at FSU. This year, honestly, they shouldn't have lost to Wake and Georgia Tech. We feel that we'll come in and add that extra gear and help them take over teams like Florida. Our class is a great class.

Pretty much now I am getting ready for these All-Star games. Other than that school is going well and I cannot wait for it to be over. I pretty much decided that I am going to make my official over the banquet weekend. I think Dustin (Hopkins) is coming so hopefully I will be able to hang out with him again.

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