Is Faircloth enrolling in January?

Had it not been for a knee injury over the summer Garrett Faircloth may have been enrolled this year at Florida State. After getting minor surgery the coaches determined that it was best that Faircloth take a greyshirt and enroll in the spring of 2009. With that date quickly approaching NoleDigest caught up with Garrett to see if those plans are still in the works.

Garrett Faircloth was an All-State defensive tackle at Jacksonville-Bolles in 2007. With his frame and athleticism many projected him as an offensive lineman on the collegiate level. Florida State signed him as one of seven linemen for the 2008 class. After playing well and showing promise over the summer there was talk that Faircloth would not take the greyshirt like it was planned, but instead compete for playing time during the 2008 season. After re-injuring his knee it was determined that he takes the greyshirt so he could rehab the knee and get ready for the spring of 2009. With next semester quickly approaching Garrett is set to realize his dream of playing for FSU.

"Yeah, I am all set to enroll in January," said Faircloth of his plans. "Since the summer I have been staying in Tallahassee working and rehabbing my knee injury. I've been working at the Seminole ticket office and working out mainly. The NCAA mandated that I can't workout with the team so I've been doing a lot of stuff on my own."

Cartilage damage normally isn't a big deal nowadays with the technology available today, but with the injury to the same knee that he hurt in high school there was some concern that the injury was to the ACL. After getting surgery everything is clear with the knee and Faircloth is ready to go.

"My knee is all better," stated Faircloth, "and it's 100%. At first they were concerned that it was another ACL injury. But when they did the surgery in August they saw it was only meniscus, which was good. There wasn't a lot of rehab as I was done pretty much a few weeks after the injury happened.. I feel like I am 100% because the knee hasn't bothered me at all while I've been running or working out."

Faircloth has stayed in contact with the coaches while biding his time this semester. He also has paid a lot of attention to the team and how they've done this year. Garrett is slated to compete at both tackle spots this spring, and he hopes to see some playing time next fall.

"I've maintained my weight at around 288 so I am ready to go in the spring," said Faircloth. "The coaches have kept up with me to make sure I've been doing what I need to. I've definitely seen progress over this past year and I can't wait to play next fall. We're a young team, especially on the line. When we get back together I think we'll pick it up where they left off and better next year."

"I also think we'll be deeper next year which is good," continued Faircloth. "All of us will be competing for spots. I'll be playing both tackle positions as of right now. There was some talk early that I may play defensive line because that's what I've always played, but they want me on offense. My main goal is to contribute to my team next year. Even though I've never played offensive line it seemed like an easy transition over the summer."

With the next step in his life approaching soon Garrett told NoleDigest that he has some nervous excitement in regards to what lies ahead.

"I'm nervous, but excited at the same time to get things going," explained Faircloth. "I just want to get back into the swing of things with school and football. I've got the major decided right now with Sports Management, and I am looking forward to working with Coach Trickett again. He is tough but I like playing for him. Sitting out has prepared me for this and I am ready to go."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track Garrett's progress over the spring and into the summer.

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