Dye & Debose talk about their future decision

After the final practice on the Wide World of Sports practice facilities UnderArmour provided access to players for interviews. Teammates Andre Debose and Dyron Dye from Seminole High School both spoke about their decision that they have already made and will be announcing on Sunday.

Dyron Dye - Seminole High School/ Sanford, FL - DE 6'3" 215

When asked about the recruiting process Dyron replied "It has been a very good experience, something every kid dreams of, a chance to visit a bunch of schools and see what it's like. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity - you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm really enjoying the opportunity and I am glad I worked hard for it. There is some agony and sometimes I get aggrevated but deal with it - that's life - gotta deal with it."

When asked about his decision thought process with regard to Everette Brown leaving Florida State for the NFL and the fact that he could come in from day one and possibly be that impact player for FSU Dyron replied "I feel good about that since Florida state has put a lot of defensive ends in the League, however no matter where I go I have to go in and work hard-go in and work my tail off, give 100%.

Andre Debose - Seminole High School/ Sanford, FL WR 6'0" 180

When asked about his recruiting experiences Andre replied "Recruiting has been a positive experience since I have been able to meet new people and learn how to talk to people - taking everything in and separating the real from the fake - a lot of times coaches sell dreams - just have to separate real from fake and it will help throughout life. The process will help me make decisions throughout life.

When asked if he felt he could be an impact player and contribute from day one Andre replied "I feel good about it knowing I'll be able to come in and make an impact at an early age and help my team.

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