"The Mac's"

Sunday night, Florida State fans had the pleasure to watch two future Seminoles on the defensive line in Jacobbi McDaniel & Demonte McAllister. Both players had an excellent week of practice and displayed their skills in front of the entire nation.

Jacobbi McDaniel

Jacobbi McDaniel is disappointed about the NCAA ruling for his early enrollment, however he said he will work out hard and lift weights, focus on school and baseball and get ready for the next level of play. He is enjoying the opportunity to compete with this talent pool and still do the things on the field that have got him to this level of play against this level of competition.

I am really impressed with Jacobbi's play - he is quick, strong, fundamentally sound, and disciplined in his play. It is evident he really and truly loves this game. Jacobbi's physical assets coupled with his mental toughness and desire are impressive.

Demonte McAllister

Demonte McAllister is impressive as well - he is quick, strong, and agile. Demonte said he would probably move from defensive end to playing defensive tackle due to his size and the probability of getting even bigger. When asked about the recruitment process Demonte said "I didn't enjoy recruitment at all - it was a big headache. I tried going through the recruitment process but due to the headaches I committed early to Florida State." Demonte then broke into the Florida State Fight Song.

Both Jacobbi and Demonte are working hard at recruiting both Dyron Dye and Gary Brown with the anticipation of all of them being able to play on the FSU line together. Both of these young men are very impressive with not only their athletic ability but also their intelligence and personality. Florida State will be proud of these two.

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