'Nole 5-Star Reflects as All-American

Jacobbi McDaniel's performance over the week at the Under Armour All-Star game showed many people who follow recruiting that he is one of the best players in the nation for 2009. NoleDigest spoke to McDaniel to talk about his experience in Orlando last week, and among other things people's opinion of him heading into the game.

Jacobbi McDaniel is one of the more highly regarded prospects in the 2009 recruiting class as every recruiting service has him rated as one of the top 2 or 3 defensive lineman in the country. After a stellar high school career McDaniel was invited to the Under Armour All-American game. Jacobbi told NoleDigest that getting the chance to participate in the game was something he won't soon forget.

"My experience was great," said Scout.com's 5-star defensive lineman. "It was great to meet different players from all over the country and work with coaches that have been a part of the NFL. For me I looked at the week like it was a college atmosphere. It was just great."

One of the biggest takeaways during the week for Jacobbi is getting the chance to work with the coaches. McDaniel said he got a chance to really look at his game and find the weaknesses he has.

"Working with the NFL people was awesome," said McDaniel. "They were showing me the things I was doing wrong and helping me get sharper at my game. On the high school level I was able to do some things even if they weren't technically right. Coaches at the high school level will tell you you're doing a good job as long as you make plays. My coaches at Madison taught me well, but the coaches at the All-Star game were able to show me the small things that'll make me better."

Leading up to the game there was still some doubt with Jacobbi due to his lack of height. Some Recruitniks wanted to see how he'd do going up against some of the top linemen in the nation. McDaniel said he was up for the challenge, and that he wanted to show people just how good he really is.

"I liked how all the practices were on ESPN," said McDaniel, "because people were able to watch us all week. I wanted to show people I don't just play hard in games, but instead I practice hard too. It was a good opportunity for me to show people how hard I work everyday. It was not easy for me to get to this level, and I am still working hard every day to maintain that."

"To be honest I watched the Army All-American game I feel that I am better than the other guys," continued McDaniel. "I showed my work ethic, my technique and strength. The coaches know what they are looking for, so people's opinions are just that. People saw what I could do all week. I heard what Tommy Tubberville said about me, and I really appreciate that from him. Hearing that from coaches like him makes me feel really good."

McDaniel made it a point to talk up Florida State over the week, along with fellow Seminole commitment Demonte McAllister. The two worked together throughout the week both on and off the field, showing the future FSU has with the two standout players.

"Playing with Demonte was great, and I cannot wait to play with him at FSU," stated McDaniel. "He was bringing the pressure from the outside all week. Man, its going to be nice playing next to him at FSU. Other than the offensive linemen holding every play, I don't think anyone really stopped us all week."

"We both tried all week talking up FSU," continued McDaniel. "I think some of the guys were feeling what we were saying all week. We did our best; now it's just now a wait and see for Signing Day."

All in all the week's festivities gave McDaniel memories he won't forget.

"When I look back at this week, the best part will be hanging out with all of the players there," said McDaniel. "It didn't matter what high school we were from, or what college we were committed to; we all got along well and all got to know each other better. I got really close with Trent Richardson and Duron Carter, and I spent a lot of time with the Seminole Trio."

McDaniel's performance over the practices and the game proved that he is without a doubt one of the top players regardless of position for 2009. With recruits like McDaniel, FSU's problems at defensive tackle will soon be over.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Jacobbi McDaniel as well as all of FSU's recruiting targets as we head into Signing Day next month.

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