Hopkins enjoys UAAAG

Florida State will need to replace Lou Groza Award Winner Graham Gano for next football season. One player that looks like he's up for the challenge is All-American Kicker Dustin Hopkins from Houston, Texas. Hopkins wrote a week long diary about his experience in Orlando especially bonding with his future teammates at FSU.

Tues. After getting off the airplane I was pretty tired but I was also pretty excited to get off the plane and have Victor (the town car driver) waiting with a sign with my name on it. Victor took me to Coronado Springs Resort where Under Armour people gave me gear and asked me questions about there product. After I received my gear I went to the players lounge and met Robbie Toma while I was playing Ping pong. I saw Jacobbi, and Chris walk in and we talked for a few minutes before I went to Downtown Disney to eat.

Wed. I woke up at about 8 and walked down stairs to have breakfast. We had a team meeting after breakfast and I went with the wide outs in their study session. The whole team rode the bus together to the Wide World of Sports. The lockers at the Wide World of Sports were crazy, in that they were big, clean, and had our stuff already set out in them. In addition to practicing both teams also ate lunch (sandwiches) at the Wide World of Sport Complex. We caught buses back to the hotel where a lot of the guys recovered on the couches they provided in the players' lounge. I celebrated New Years in my room on the phone talking with my friends, and with my mother as well.

Thur. I ate eggs, bacon, orange juice, and an apple for breakfast before team meetings. We left again for the Wide World of Sports after team meetings. Both teams got warmed up by one of the Under Armour people and I left the group to go kick. I don't know if I didn't stretch well enough but my groin started hurting pretty bad. We practiced special teams were I hit a big punt and also went 3 for 3 on field goals from 42 with a snap and hold. After practice we went to the Citrus Bowl and watched Georgia and Michigan State play. Jacobbi, Chris, Demonte, and I sat together while we talked about being hungry. I grabbed some dinner in the hotel and watched the Rose Bowl while I ate.

Fri. Today, started off exactly like Thursday did but I didn't kick, instead I took a few laps and stretched trying to rest my leg for Sunday. In addition to practice I competed in the skills challenge but missed the final by about half a second. The small slot receivers are really good at challenges like the one we had. It was fun watching guys you got to know compete in the challenge. The Players lounge was where I spent my time playing ping pong and watching TV.

Sat. The walk through was a very easy day. Both teams started to separate themselves a little more since the game was only a day away. Today was the first time we saw our jerseys and they are throwed (means tight or good looking). I went to Magical Kingdom and spent most of my time with Mason Walters and Berret Mathews.

Sun. I ate a really good breakfast and went back to my room to rest. At about 3 I ate the same sandwiches they gave us every day for lunch but I can't complain about free lunch. I said my usual prayer and listened to my Ipod before the game. During the game my leg was still hurting pretty bad but the trainers wrapped it up. I was honored that I was a captain for the black team and it will be a memory I will never forget. I was disappointed about the field goals but I knew they were things that were out of my control if they get blocked. I just prayed that God would give me an opportunity to make a play and he did with a 47 yard field goal. The experience was amazing getting to know my future teammates, and also meeting people that are going to be successful. I couldn't have asked for a better winter break. The whole experience was a blessing.

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