"We will bring home another title to FSU"

When Rodney Smith's recruiting process started he thought he'd stay close to home to play college football. Almost a full year later he is a commitment to Florida State, and is one of the top playmakers in Florida for 2009. Monday Smith hosted several FSU coaches for an in-home visit. NoleDigest spoke to him about the experience, and to see if he is planning on taking anymore visits.

When the coaches at Florida State started looking at prospects from the 2009 recruiting class Rodney Smith was one of the first players at wide receiver they evaluated. Once they started recruiting him FSU Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher told him he was not going to let him out of the state of Florida, and that he wasn't going to let him go anywhere but FSU. Advance to the present and it seems as though Coach Fisher kept his promise. After initially wanting to take all his officials, an in-home visit from a plethora of FSU coaches Monday confirmed for Smith that he had made the right decision.

"Everything is good, man," said the 4-star wide receiver. "Coach Bowden, Coach Coley, Coach Dawsey and Coach Amato just left my house on an in-home visit. We talked about academics and really how bad they want me there. It was just a really nice visit. My whole family was here and it was the first chance they had to meet some of the coaches, so it was great. Coach Bowden still has the charm with the moms."

"I remember when Coach Fisher told me he wasn't going to let me not come to FSU," continued Smith. "He kept his promise. Initially I thought I was going to stay home and play at Miami, or I thought I was going to go to LSU and play there. They recruited me very hard, and they still are (recruiting him hard). They've always stayed in touch and have called me, my mom and my family every week. They told me today they were going to come see me as much as they could until Signing Day. I think a few will be back here next week."

When Rodney committed the plan was to take some visits and go from there. He told NoleDigest that he never really had doubts or second thoughts. He said the visits were to ensure he made the right decision. After the in-home visit Smith is ready to become a Nole.

"I was never second guessing signing with FSU," explained Smith, "and I let them know today (Monday) that they don't have anything to worry about. I'm done with the visits. From the time I first committed I was solid. When I went there over the summer that confirmed everything for me with the campus and the coaches. Earlier in the fall I did think maybe I committed to early so I was thinking about visiting Miami, LSU or Alabama. In the end, though, I knew I was going to come to FSU. After my official there and with the visit today (Monday) I know I made the right decision."

Smith has prototypical size at 6'5" and 200 pounds. What sets him apart from other tall receivers is that he has the capability to run with the ball like smaller slot receivers do. This ability is what intrigues the Seminole coaches.

"The coaches say that with my size I can line up at the outside receiver, but at the same time they feel they can line me up in the slot," said Smith about how the coaches plan on using him. "They told me that I need to be ready to line up everywhere. Some people don't know about me because I played in a Wing-T offense. What makes me dangerous is that I am tall, but I run with the ball like I am 5'10". I feel like I am ready for the next level."

The rebuilding that FSU has been doing over the past few years is one reason why Smith liked the Noles. He feels with the classes they've been brining in that FSU will soon be competing for a National Championship.

"I follow recruiting to see who is going where," said Smith, "and I feel the 2009 class is going to be special. I really believe we are going to have a National Championship before I leave there. In 2 years we will be at least competing for them. I'm saying now that by 2010 we will bring home another title to FSU."

Smith says that he's fully qualified with a 3.0 GPA and a 19 on his ACT. Stay tuned to further updates with Rodney, as well as the rest of the 2009 recruiting class for FSU.

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