Two players rejoice after signing with FSU

Florida State signed 21 recruits for the 2009 recruiting class. Overall it' considered one of the best classes in the nation as several top 100 recruits signed their letters of intent to be a Seminole. NoleDigest caught up with two of the top linemen in the class in Aubrey Phillips and Demonte McAllister to get their thoughts on Signing Day and the recruiting process in general.

Signing Day 2009 has come and gone for Florida State. With 21 commitments the coaches met just about every need it had coming into this recruiting cycle. Two of the top players FSU signed for this year are Aubrey Phillips from Olive Branch High School in Olive Branch, MS, and Demonte McAllister from Tampa-Alonso. While both took two very different paths to FSU, both will be coming in the fall ready to help bring the Seminoles back to the elite of college football.

Phillips says he meshed best with the coaches at FSU

The commitment and signing of Aubrey Phillips came as a shock to some due to FSU getting involved late in the game with him publicly. Phillips says FSU was always under consideration during his recruitment and that in the end he felt most comfortable with what FSU had to offer. Looking back several years ago, Phillips says he never thought getting a chance to even consider a program like Florida State would even be an option.

"Today(Wednesday) has been great," Phillips said, "and I cannot believe it's something I've gotten to be apart of. I didn't know what to expect coming into this whole thing. I never thought I'd get the chance to be a Division 1 prospect.

People thought I'd never make it, but I did."

"In the end I felt that FSU was the best fit for me and my future," continued the massive tackle prospect. "In the end I felt that the coaching staff at FSU was put together better than Arkansas and Tennessee, and that it was more organized and had a better future together. After the visit I kind of saw the things others have in them. I feel that the coaches at FSU care about me as a player. What's funny is that they've always been apart of this, but no one ever asked."

There was wide-spread talk that after his basketball game last night Phillips announced for the Seminoles. He says it's not quite how it went down, but nonetheless he's happy to have the decision made.

"I decided last night around 11 o'clock," said Phillips. "I don't know where this thing came from that I announced after my game last night. I told my family then what my decision was, and they were happy for me. This morning before the day started I called Coach Trickett to let him know for sure I was coming. He told me welcome to the family and that he'd take care of me."

In the end the talented prospect is happy the whole ordeal is done with. With his recruitment complete Aubrey has his sites set on the future, and that is being a lineman for the Noles.

"Man, I'm relieved it's over," said Phillips of the recruiting process. "I'm a Seminole! Know I'm just going to turn my attention to finishing basketball and getting ready for FSU. I think I am coming down for the spring game because Coach Trickett said it's something I should check out. I can't wait."

McAllister gets the chance to realize a family dream

Demonte McAllister's name popped up early in 2008 after he was offered by the Seminoles. After an unofficial visit it soon became obvious what school the ubber-talented defensive lineman would eventually sign with. On Wednesday it became official that Demonte is a Seminole. For him it really couldn't have come any sooner.

"I'm just happy this is all over with," said McAllister. "It's been a long ride. Between the calls and visits from coaches I am just happy it's done. One of my problems is that I cant tell anyone no, so every time the coaches came to see me I listened to them even though I always knew where I was going. Today gave me the chance to realize my dream. Today I got to do what I wanted to do, and now I signed my life away (laughs)."

One of the aspects tied to Demonte is the story of his mom, who in high school was a talented basketball player who had to turn down a scholarship from FSU when she found out Demonte was on the way. Today was special for her, too, when McAllister signed his letter of intent.

"My mom was there today (Wednesday) with me and she was excited," stated McAllister. "I saw she has tears in her eyes. I'm she got to be apart of this with me."

McAllister has been one of the best recruiters when is comes to the committed players for the Noles. During the UnderArmour All-Star game week he and Jacobbi McDaniel worked hard on getting some of the nation's top recruits to join them in Tallahassee. Greg Reid's decision to sign with FSU was a pleasant shock for Demonte, as was another announcement that surfaced on Wednesday.

"Getting Greg Reid was awesome," said McAllister. "Jacobbi and I recruited him hard in Orlando. I mean hard. He isn't the biggest guy but he never gives up and fights really hard. Getting him was great. I was also shocked to hear about Orson Charles. That was kind of weird."

Like all of the other signees Demonte is looking forward to getting o FSU in the summer to get started on their collegiate careers. Unlike most McAllister is literally counting down the days.

"I'm turning my attention to getting ready to get to FSU," said McAllister. "It is 132 days until June 21st, which is when we report. I can't wait. I went and worked out today to start getting ready. It's great to be a Seminole!"

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