NoleDigest Roundtable

Florida State signed another quality class last week despite the rankings. NoleDigest discusses if the Noles' met their needs, how does this class stack up against the other two in-state schools, looking toward needs for 2010, and players expected to play from the 2009 class.

Did you think FSU met all their needs?

Mack-I think for the most part FSU met all of their needs except at defensive end. FSU lost two players last year and will be losing two more this season at defensive end. Landing a quality quarterback was big especially with D'Vontrey's future up in the air. FSU getting Greg Reid was icing on the cake to a great class.

Fish-Almost, they met their needs at QB, RB, WR, OL, DT, LB, S and CB. They did not meet their needs at DE. FSU needed two defensive ends in their class and only landed one. At the end of the day they continue to miss every year at defensive end. It seems like they need 2-3 defensive ends in every class because of the year before. They MUST sign at least two defensive ends next year if not three.

Nate-Not all, no. FSU needed two defensive ends in this class. They got a potentially great one in Brandon Jenkins, who's already enrolled. While Ed Stinson committed to FSU over the summer, he never was going to be a Seminole. The Seminoles heavily pursued Ryne Giddens, Dyron Dye, and some other targets, but missed. Other than that the coaches met and exceeded all of their other needs.

What does FSU need to address in 2010?

Mack-DE, TE, QB, DT, LB, CB. FSU needs to sign at least two defensive ends for next class and three would be gravy. With Caz graduating, Florida State needs to sign a playmaker at tight end. A national quarterback recruit would be a great thing for the Noles'. FSU will lose at least two or three defensive tackles after next season so replacing them with quality players is huge. The Noles' will also be losing their top defensive back after next season in Patrick Robinson so signing a top cover corner will be another priority. And of course signing the big guys up front is a requirement every season.

Fish-DE, I cant be clear enough that their target for next year is 2 defensive ends. Anything less and FSU will need to start moving some linebackers out there. They have yet to sign two ELITE defensive ends in one class over the past 5-6 years. They also need to get a couple slot receivers with some speed. Bert Reed is really the only receiver on the team with some serious speed. Chris Dunkley and D'Joshua Johnson are MUST gets IMHO.

Nate-Defensive end is priority number one, and FSU looks to be in good shape with some of the best in the Southeast as the 2010 recruiting cycle gets underway. Corey Miller and David Perry are two targets that have been tied to FSU so far. Another need is quarterback. FSU signed Will Secord this year, but look for FSU to go after a premier signal caller in 2010. FSU has already offered Jake Heaps, and talk is they like Case McCoy, who's most likely going to follow his brother to Texas. FSU also sign at least one premier cornerback for next year. Look for Lamarcus Joyner from Miami-Southwest to be their top target. Finally, getting a playmaking tight end is needed, and building up the defensive tackle spot again needs to be addressed.

Where do you FSU's class stacked amongst the other big 2 Miami, UF?

Mack-FSU signed the top class in the state of Florida. That's how strongly I feel about the players they are bringing in next season. Miami signed some top flight players as well in Ray Ray Armstrong, possibly Bryce Brown, and Olivier Vernon along with Florida signing Gary Brown, Andre Debose, and Jelani Jenkins. Florida State signed two of the top backs in the state, two of the top receivers in the state, three quality offensive linemen, two of the top defensive tackles in the country, a national linebacker, and some of the top defensive backs in the country. This class as well as the 2008 class will put FSU in contention for an ACC Title and more in the next year or so.

Fish-FSU signed the #1 class in Florida. They got the best big receiver in Florida (Willie Haulstead), the best S (Willie Downs), The two best Defensive tackles (McAllister and McDaniel) one of the best cover corners in the country (Greg Reid). This class from top to bottom and depth wise fills pretty much every need. Florida signed a small class but the overall value they got was quite impressive. Debose, Brown, Jenkins...those are some studs. Problem is they only signed 16 players and one was from the prior class. Good class that missed at the end on many of their top targets. UF had the luxury to go after those guys so missing was not the end of the world. Real nice class but the overall numbers put it behind FSU class. Miami class has some holes so I put both UF and FSU class ahead of them.

Nate-Frankly, overall it is better than both in my opinion. Each program beat each other for recruits, and each met needs in certain areas. Of the three Miami's is the weakest, as they missed on their biggest opportunity at offensive line. Also, headliners like Bryce Brown may not sign there, and there's talk some may not qualify. Florida missed out on some targets on Signing Day, but the class has talent. What puts FSU ahead of them both is that they won the in-state recruiting battle. That is a key to getting back. Did Florida make an error like FSU did towards the end of their dynasty run by going too much out of state?

How many players do you expect to play next season out of this class?

Mack-Florida State signed 21 players including two future greyshirts (Stork, Hicks). I expect 15 of those players to play next season. Secord will redshirt and everyone else has a shot to play right away. Pryor will get some early looks in the rotation at RB, Thompson's best shot to play is returning kicks this season. Haulstead, and Smith are both ready to play right now. Phillips, Orelus, and Prior will all be backing up returning starters and have a chance to play but will most likely redshirt. Coach Trickett likes to play 7 or 8 offensive lineman. K Dustin Hopkins has an excellent chance to take over for Graham Gano. Coach Haggins expects Demonte McAllister and Jacobbi McDaniel to play major minutes for him next season. Brandon Jenkins being enrolled early and going through mat drills helps his cause to play next season. C.J. Mizell is too talented to not contribute next year whether it is on special teams or at one of the backer positions. The secondary took some big losses last season so the incoming freshman (Downs, Reid, Harley, Bright, Demps, and Rhodes) will all be expected to play.

Fish-Lonnie Pryor, Chris Thompson, Willie Haulstead, Rodney Smith, Aubrey Phillips, Brandon Jenkins, Demonte McAllister, Jacobbi McDaniel, CJ Mizell, JaJuan Harley, Willie Downs, Xavier Rhodes, Greg Reid and Dustin Hopkins...I expect all of these guys to play. That's 14 of 19 prospects playing this year. Two will Grey-shirt this year, the others like Demps, Bright, Orelus, Prior and Secord will probably RS.

Nate-Of the 21 signed, I expect a lot to play. We already know Dan Hicks and Bryan Stork are grey shirting. Looking at the class on paper right now, there is a shot every player who isn't an offensive lineman will play. On defense I expect every recruit who signed to play, whether it be on defense or special teams. On offense, at least one lineman will redshirt, and Chris Thompson may be relegated to kick returns due to the depth at running back. FSU was one of the youngest team in the nation in 2008, and it may close to the same in 2009.

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