2010 DE David Perry Q & A

One of the early defensive targets for Florida State for the 2010 recruiting class is University standout David Perry. The 6'6" 230 pound defensive end made an instant impact last fall, as well as putting himself on the maps of schools from all over the nation. NoleDigest spoke to him recently to get his thoughts on the recruiting process.

David Perry is new to the game of football. The standout defensive end, who originally hails from Jamaica, just started playing football after playing basketball for several years. Perry has taken that athletic ability he learned playing basketball and made himself into one of the more athletic defensive end prospects in Florida for 2010. David is tall and fast, but it's his upside that has schools from all over the nation interested in him this recruiting cycle. NoleDigest spoke to David earlier this week to get his thoughts on how the process is going, and about how football is now his primary focus when it comes to his athletic future.

NoleDigest: It's early for you, but what schools have shown interest in you so far?

Davis Perry: Florida State and Oregon have offered me, and schools like USF and some others have been coming by the school to check me out.

ND: Are you surprised by the interest schools are showing in you?

DP: Nah. I'm not really sure how it's going to go but from what people have been telling me it's going to be heavy when it comes to recruiting.

ND: You just started playing football. Can you talk about why you started playing?

DP: Yeah last year was my first year. I started doing it just waiting for basketball to start. Now I am focused on football and feel that I have more of a future than playing basketball?

ND: Why is that?

DP: Well, I feel with my height and speed combo I'm going to be hard to stop. I'm working on learning more technique, as well as putting on more weight. I really feel those are my areas for improvement.

ND: You had mentioned that FSU has offered you. Where do they stand with you right now?

DP: I like FSU, but I really can comment on them right now because I don't know if my coach wants me to. I'm just watching to see what happens so I can weigh my options.

ND: Is FSU a school you're going to be looking at?

DP: Yes, but I'm not looking at just one school right now. I don't really know anything yet with how this process is going to go. Once I find the family feel and atmosphere I'm looking for, I'll make my decision.

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