Brandon Willis Entry #2

In this installment of his recruiting diary Brandon Willis talks about the latest programs that have offered and some of the coaches he has spoken to recently. Also, he talks about Byrnes football as they prepare for spring practices.

Diary Entry No. 2

I've been talking to a lot of coaches lately. LSU, Florida, Alabama, Notre Dame and some others have called me. LSU was a really big offer, as was Florida. They're both winning teams that contend for the national title every year it seems. Coach Meyer and Kenny Carter from Florida called, as did Les Miles and Nick Saban. Talking to the head coaches shows me how they want me.

A big offer that may be coming is from USC. They called and wanted to see if going out there for college was a possibility. Traveling isn't a big thing to me, so I told them yeah. Getting an offer from them is big time. Every year it's either the national title or Rose Bowl for them.

It was announced recently that we are playing St. Thomas Aquinas from Ft. Lauderdale next year. That is a really good team, and we are a really good team, so we are going to see how that goes. A lot of people doubt us already. We've showed guys from Glades and Pahokee that we can play some ball in South Carolina. It'll be a really good game.

Pretty soon I will be starting spring practice. We've been training since after the state title game, so we'll be ready at the end of the month to get going. We've been lifting and running a lot. We do these things called 8 on 1s and a lot of speed stuff. Getting bigger, faster and stronger is the main focus. This kind of thing will help for the next level. I was talking to Everett Dawkins and he was telling me about mat drills at FSU. He was saying how it's similar to what we do at Byrnes, but tougher. Between that and all the film studying we're getting ready for the season.

Right now I am going to wait and see who offers me and then start to narrow things down a little later. The real schools that want me came early, so I know who the ones who really like me are. I'm going to visit Florida for their spring game March 17th and 18th, and I will probably head down to Florida State for their game. I haven't talked to FSU in a bit because of mat drills, but I'll be calling Coach Haggins soon to see what's up.

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