Miller names favorite

After the NCAA ruling came down last week many fans of Florida State began to wonder what was going to happen on the recruiting front. Major media outlets painted a grim picture, while others figured an appeal was very winnable. NoleDigest caught up with Corey Miller recently to get his thoughts on the NCAA's verdict, and to see where it leaves the Noles in his recruitment.

As we've seen over the past week or so Florida State's probation will have an affect on some recruits, while it'll have little on others. Corey Miller, the talented defensive end from Byrnes High in Duncan, SC is the latest recruit to talk about his thoughts on the NCAA ruling. According to Corey it was rocky at first, but now it looks like the Seminoles sit in a great position at this time.

"I was pretty worried about what happened down at FSU," Miller said, "but I talked to some people and found out it's not as bad as some are making it out to be. I sent Jody Allen a text a few days ago letting him know that I'm still very interested in them and that I wanted them to know that. It's hard to talk to them right now because they can't really call, but I wanted him to know that I was thinking about them."

Corey told NoleDigest that people in and around his hometown was asking him what the deal was with the Noles. With the way ESPN and other media outlets were talking about it, many thought the Noles were hit very hard with the ruling, including Miller.

"A lot of people here have been asking about what was going on with FSU," said Miller. "I talked to Justin Bright and a few others and they said basically they lose two scholarships moving forward, and that they are still going strong. A lot of coaches around here have been saying that FSU isn't looking too good, but that is just people blasting this whole thing up. At the end of the day I really feel that it is no big deal and that FSU will win football games."

Recruiting has been going well for Corey as offers are still coming in on almost a daily basis. One of the biggest developments for Miller is that he recently accepted an invitation to play in the UnderArmour All-American game.

"Recruiting has been pretty good," explained Miller. "The latest offers are LSU, Mississippi State and Notre Dame, and last night (Wednesday) Craig Hubert called and invited me to play in the UnderArmour game. I accepted it, and I am very happy. Brandon (Willis) and Marcus (Lattimore) got invited too, but both are deciding between that game and the Army one. Hopefully all 3 of us can go down there and play together in that game."

Several schools are recruiting Corey hard; for the first time Miller mentioned to NoleDigest that a school is starting to stick out more than the others at this time.

"North Carolina, Clemson, Cal and FSU are the schools recruiting me the hardest right now," stated Miller. "Southern Cal is starting to talk to me so I want to see how that goes. If they offer me I'd really look at them hard, but it'd be tough because I'd still have FSU on my mind. Right now I would say that FSU is my leader. They're a great program and it is a place that I can go and become the player I want to be. Right now I am just keeping my options open so I can see what else is out there."

Corey recently decided that he will be an early enrollee. He feels graduating early will help him get a head start to college both on and off the field. With that decision set in place Miller says he'll make his decision anywhere from the middle of the season up until the end.

Look for the Byrnes product to be in town for Seminole Showtime this summer. Until then stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates on Corey, as well as the rest of the recruits from the 2010 recruiting class.

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