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When you turn on the film of Ft. Pierce, FL standout linebacker Jeff Luc you'll see one of the most dominating tacklers in the nation for 2010. Luc is quickly becoming a highly recruited prospect as he's approaching 30 offers. NoleDigest caught up with Jeff to get his thoughts on his recruitment and to see if the Seminoles are still apart of the equation.

Jeff Luc is considered by some to be the best linebacker in Florida for 2010. With college ready size, great instincts, speed and aggressiveness, Luc has seen his recruitment heat up over the past month. In 2008 Jeff had 125 tackles, 94 solo and 25 for a loss to go along with one fumble recovery and an interception. After his highlight film started making the rounds college coaches saw the skill Luc brings to the table, and soon after they started offering in droves. Now Jeff sits at over 30 offers and says that a few schools are close to adding to that total.

"At the beginning of this I was really surprised with how it was going," Luc said, "but now I am just taking it all in now. The last time I talked to my coaches they said I had over 30 offers. It happened pretty quickly (getting the offers). Ohio State and LSU were evaluating me but they just offered, and Alabama and UCLA are close to offering too. Pretty much all of the big time school have offered me now."

Jeff comes from Treasure Coast-P.A.C.E Cent, which is a small school in Northern Florida. There have been some in the recruiting circles that wonder if Jeff is just a big fish in a small pond, and wonder if his highlight film is an accurate measure of his game. Jeff says he's been playing the same way since he was a kid, and that he'll continue playing that way on the next level.

"Everyone of the schools want me to play "mike", but I think I can play all of the linebacker spots," said Luc. "When my film got out I was getting a lot of praise for my power and strength and the way I finish off plays. I try to bring that intensity every time I play. If you come see me play you'll see that every play I play the same way. Those close to me know that day in and day out I can do that all of the time."

"Some people think that it was just a highlight tape," continued Luc. "I've been doing this ever since Pop Warner, and I was doing these things as a freshman. Going into my sophomore year the coaches told me to calm down a little bit and not be so aggressive. Parents wanted me to take it easy. I was getting warnings and penalties for being too aggressive so I toned it down a little. If you notice from my sophomore year and junior year I brought back that intensity. It makes me play better because I can relax a little bit and let the game come to me. Growing up in Miami I had that toughness. I always played with my older brothers so I had to be tough because they never took it easy on me. When I got older I just started hitting the weight room, and it has gone from there."

Growing up in Miami Jeff always liked the in-state schools. He told NoleDigest that growing up he followed the Seminoles closely because his brother went there. Early on a lot of people thought the Seminoles were the favorite, but Jeff says that right now he is keeping his recruitment open to everyone.

"My brother went to Florida State and I have followed them since I was young," said Luc. "When I was a freshman they sent me a questionnaire which got me really excited. After that I never really heard much from them until they offered me. I loved watching them as a kid and I went there a lot because my brother went there. I know Tallahassee well. Had you asked me 2 or 3 years ago what school I was going to I would have told you without a doubt that it was FSU. I can't just pick a school on tradition, so I need to know what others out there have to offer."

When the NCAA ruling came down a few weeks ago many recruits were left wondering what that meant for the Seminoles' future. Jeff said at first it left the Noles on shaky ground, but after talking to the coaching staff things have been cleared up.

"FSU is in the picture for me, but after the NCAA thing came they were on shaky ground," explained Luc on where FSU is at in terms of his recruitment. "I wanted to know what was going on. My brother told me about the situation, and I talked to Coach Coley too. He explained it all and told me that they'll be okay. They really want me to come in and play middle linebacker for them. He said they love my aggressiveness."

Luc has made been visiting some schools here and there and says that he's planning on making it to FSU this weekend for their Junior Day if all goes to plan.

"I went to a Miami scrimmage recently," said Luc. "That was a good visit. The fans were showing me love. They were telling me how they need me at the "U". That felt good but that is something I can get anywhere I go. My coaches have done a good job of keeping me level-headed. Coach Sheppard was recruited and he gives me advice on how to handle these things. This weekend I am planning on going to FSU for their Junior Day as long as my brother gets off of work."

Jeff says that he may be enrolling early so look for a decision before January. He says education, comfort and tradition are the three things he is looking for in a school.

"I may be graduating early so I am going to make my decision before Signing Day," stated Luc. "I want to go out and see as many schools as possible because this is a big decision and I don't want to make the wrong one. The school that has a good graduation rate is the most important thing. I want to go to a place I am comfortable at, and I want to play somewhere that has some kind of tradition. I'd play for an up and coming school, but I would need to be sure they're on the way."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Jeff, as well as the rest of the 2010 recruiting class.

Editor's Note: On Tuesday Jeff accepted an invitation to play in the UnderArmour All-American Game.

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