Is Florida RB Ready to Commit?

Florida State's recruiting board at running back lists a who's who around the nation. NoleDigest caught up with one of the Seminoles' top targets to get the latest on his recruitment. He's been a fan of FSU for some time. Is he ready to commit?

Florida State is looking to add more talented playmakers in the 2010 recruiting class from the running back position. Florida State's board is loaded with some of the nation's best running backs in this class, thus the Seminoles will land a good player no matter what happens.

Miami-Central running back Brandon Gainer isn't as popular in recruiting circles as some, but he is without a doubt one of the top running backs in the Southeast this year. As a junior Gainer led a talent-rich Dade County in rushing with 1,644 yards, as well as scoring 17 touchdowns on the season. His standout play led to him being named to the All-Dade County team and the 6A All-State team. Recruiting has been picking momentum as the nation's best programs are starting to show Gainer attention.

"A lot of schools are evaluating me now so I am going to keep working hard," Gainer said, "but Florida State, Florida, USF, Georgia, Oregon, Virginia, Clemson, Tennessee and Rutgers have all offered me.">BR>
Late last week there was some talk that Brandon was ready to make a commitment to the school he has favored for a while in FSU. He told NoleDigest he thought about doing it this past weekend but instead wants to wait to take some more visits.

"There's no commitment yet," Gainer said Saturday when asked if he was going to pull the trigger. "I thought about doing it, really, but I want to get out there and see what I can see and weight my options."

Brandon says that he's always favored the Seminoles due to their tradition. Now that they are recruiting him he's spoken to several of the coaches. He says they like his running style and that he fits what Coach Fisher is looking for.

"I've talked to Coach Amato and Coach Fisher and I have gotten written letters from Bobby Bowden," said Gainer. "I've been in contact with FSU on a more regular basis recently. Coach Fisher told me they like me as a running back and that I fit what they're looking for."

When asked when a decision is going to be made Brandon said that it'll be at an All-Star game later this year. He said by that time he'll have taken all of his visits because he plans on enrolling in the school of his choice in January.

"I'll probably make my announcement in one of the All-Star games because by that time I will have seen all of my options," explained Gainer. "I plan to graduate early and I feel that is a perfect time to do it."

"Enrolling early is important to me because it'll give me valuable experience with spring ball," continued Gainer. "I feel that enrolling will give me a jump start learning the offense and it will give me time to get adjusted to college. This has been in the works for a long time; I've been taking summer classes and night classes since the 8th grade. I take education very seriously so this is important to me. I was talking to my coach this past Monday and we talked about getting testing done soon."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Brandon, as well as the rest of the 2010 recruiting class for FSU.

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