Wednesday Half-Scrimmage Play-by-Play

On Wednesday afternoon, the Florida State football team held a 12 period practice culminating in a half scrimmage on Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium. Amidst rainy skies, the Seminoles got in close 20 different series' of work before calling it a day.

From the seats of the Varsity Club, members of the media were allowed to watch Wednesday afternoon's half scrimmage. While the stats are unofficial, the following is a play-by-play of the scrimmage from the seats in the Varsity Club from Wednesday's half scrimmage.

No. 1's from opposing 1-yard line: Christian Ponder completes to Jarmon Fortson for 10 yards. Jermaine Thomas rushes for 81 yards to 8-yard line, chased down by Patrick Robinson.

No. 2's from opposing 1-yard line: Corey Eddinger completes to Avis Commack for five yards. Ty Jones rushes for 13 yards.

No. 1's from opposing 35-yard line: Defensive line blows up attempted screen play, takes down Ponder for minus eight yards. Ponder completes bubble screen to Louis Givens for three yards, hard hit laid by Everette Dawkins. Defensive line blew through offensive line forcing Ponder to scramble for 10 yards.

New series for No. 1's from 35-yard line: Bert Reed takes a reverse option pitch from Ponder. Tackled by Korey Mangum in the open field for a loss of seven yards. Thomas drops a Ponder dump off in the flats. Ponder hits Rod Owens on a deep ball for a 72-yard touchdown. Owens beat Ochuko Jenije.

New series for No. 1's from 35-yard line: Ponder completes to Thomas for six yards. Brandon Jenkins hits Thomas hard to stop him. Thomas rushes for one yard, tackled by Mister Alexander at the line of scrimmage.

No. 2's from opposing 35-yard line: Confusion from Eddinger forces a time out on first play. Eddinger then throws a ball 10 yards over Commack's head. M. Alexander takes down Jones three yards in the backfield for a TFL. Nick Moody then hits Josh Gehres hard on a slant over the middle for a six yard gain.

New series for No. 2's from 35-yard line: Eddinger scrambles out of the pocket to hit Gehres for 15 yards. A sloppy pitch on a reverse to Owens who was then horse-collared by M. Alexander for a 15-yard penalty. A steady drizzle then began to fall over Doak Campbell Stadium forcing Cam Wade to drop a slant on the next play.

No. 1's from 50-yard line: Ponder completes to Thomas for 11 yards. Reed juggles a slant pass on the next play allowing Nigel Bradham to come in for a huge hit to knock the ball incomplete. Kevin McNeil banged up on the play. He sat out the ensuing series before coming back, nothing serious. Reed then took a bubble screen for 15 yards before losing the slippery ball. Moses McCray recovered the ball.

New series for No. 1's from 50-yard line: Thomas rushes for four yards. Ponder incomplete on a deep ball to Commack. Owens makes catch over the middle for six yards before Moody stops him cold.

No. 2's from the 50-yard line: Eddinger hits Wade for 12 yards. Seddrick Holloway fumbles up the middle, recovered by the defense. Corey Surrency and Dionte Allen tie it up in a minor altercation after the play. Dual unsportsmanlike penalties assessed.

New series for No. 2's from 50-yard line: Allen exacts his revenge as he intercepts a Jenkins tipped ball and takes it back to the eight-yard line.

New series for No. 2's from 50-yard line: Holloway rushes up the middle for no gain. Eddinger hits Fortson for a 16-yard gain. Holloway carries for eight yards.

No. 1's from 20-yard line: Ponder forced to scramble on a busted play, loses seven yards. Dawkins breaks up an attempted screen pass on the next play. Offensive line creates massive throwing lane for Ponder who hits Givens for a 26-yard touchdown pass on a post route.

New series for No. 1's from 20-yard line: Offensive line creates huge hole on the left side, Marcus Sims goes in 20 yards for an untouched touchdown.

No. 2's from 20-yard line: Gehres drops a slant pass across the middle. Holloway rushes for four yards up the middle. Jenkins sacks Eddinger for a loss of six yards.

No. 1's from 12-yard line: Ponder dumps a pass off into the flats to Thomas who takes it eight yards before P. Robinson takes him down. Thomas rushes up the middle only to be stopped by Dawkins by an impressive tackle. Reed takes a sweep around the left side, hard hit by Jamie Robinson for no gain.

No. 2's from the 12-yard line: Eddinger gets sacked by Jenkins again for a loss of seven yards. Commack drops an attempted bubble screen. Eddinger forced to scramble for a gain of two yards.

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