Is Brandon Willis Still Considering FSU?

Brandon Willis has become one of the heaviest recruited defensive linemen in the nation for the 2010 recruiting class. Early on many insiders thought Brandon was favoring Florida State, but since the NCAA ruling came down things have since become murky. NoleDigest caught up with Willis to get the detail of what's going on, and to see if the ‘Noles have fallen behind other programs.

Ever since last year's Bobby Bowden Camp Brandon Willis has been one of the most talked about recruits among Florida State fans. Many thought that the ubber-talented defensive lineman was favoring the Seminoles, especially after several visit and his great connection with defensive line coach Odell Haggins. The talk was Brandon would be an early commitment to FSU after taking some visits, but soon after his recruitment got underway things changed as programs from all over started recruiting him.

After the NCAA ruling came down last month there were some recruits that were turned off by it, while others let it go knowing what the true story really was. What didn't help the Seminoles and the coaches was the fact that some of their fiercest rivals began spreading rumors about the scandal, even though most were way off base.

Brandon Willis became concerned after the NCAA punished FSU, but he soon learned what was going on after talking to some coaches, players and recruits. While FSU is still in contention for Brandon, it is now clear that the luster has been lost.

"I still like FSU and I am still interested in them," Willis said of FSU. "I am going to be narrowing down my list here soon because I am graduating early now. That cuts time short when it comes to me finding out where I want to go."

"With the Seminoles I like them, but with the probation I am not sure I want to be around that atmosphere and be around a college going through that," continued Willis on FSU. "Some people have thought they were my leader, but I never really said that. I always mentioned them first because they were the school recruiting me the hardest and showing me the most interest."

The coaches at FSU have talked to Willis about the NCAA thing, and he knows what is going on. It looks like the staff now has a lot of work to do if they want to get Brandon to sign in February 2010.

"I talked to Odell last week because he wanted me to come to the spring game this weekend," explained Willis. "I've talked to every recruit at FSU, I've talked to Everette Dawkins and I have talked to Justin Bright about the ruling. For me I want to come into a place that is clean, so FSU shows what happened was the past they'll have a good chance. Both Everette and Justin were telling me that is was more than just football players who cheated. The fact that FSU can still compete for titles and play on TV is good. You never know what is going to happen with other people, and people make mistakes. I am going to watch this year and see what happens. You learn about someone or something by watching them. If it doesn't happen again, then I know….if it does, then I know it happens there."

Brandon told NoleDigest that he's taking a trip out to California to check out some of the programs there, and then he will come back and trim down his list. At this time he isn't ready to give any hints on who'll make that list.

"I am going out to California to see Cal, USC and UCLA so I can see what is up with those schools," Willis said, "and when I come back from those I will trim it down from there. We're on spring break right now so I have that, and we have spring starting soon. I know I have the Nike thing at Georgia on the 25th, and I will be camping one day at FSU because I told the coaches I would and I am a man of my word. I'm looking over some things right now but I don't want to say anything yet about my list. I will let it out in a couple weeks."

Brandon is a major need for FSU as they need to build upon the class they brought in last year. They're going to have to work hard and prove that the NCAA thing isn't what FSU is about. If they can do that, then they will be in good shape. If not, the Seminoles will lose a recruit many once thought was going to be apart of the 2010 class.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Brandon, as well as the rest of the recruits dorm the 2010 class.

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