"I Loved Everything About It"

Marcus Lattimore was one of the dozens of recruits in town over the weekend for the annual Garnet and Gold game. NoleDigest caught up with Marcus to talk about the visit, and to address the rumors of just where the Seminoles stand for him at this time.

Marcus Lattimore is Scout.com's number 2 player in the nation and considered by most to be the top running back in the nation for 2010. Almost every major BCS program has offered the talented running back a scholarship as Marcus is one of the can't miss recruits this year.

Marcus came in town on Thursday with friend and former teammate Justin Bright to watch Florida State's annual Garnet and Gold game. This weekend provided Marcus the first time to soak in the atmosphere in Tallahassee and see what FSU had to offer him as a player. As of right now any questions on if Marcus is legitimately considering FSU needs to come to a halt.

"I had a great visit to FSU this weekend," Lattimore said. "I wanted to come in and get a feel for the coaches and a feel for the offense. I felt that I was able to do both. I have a strong relationship with Coach Carter and Coach Fisher, and it was made stronger over the weekend. We spent a lot of time together watching film and I got a good explanation of the offense from Coach Fisher."

When asked what made the visit so good Marcus went into detail about how getting a chance to spend time with his potential position coach stood out, and how the coaches expressed how he'd dit into their program.

"Everything about the visit was great….I mean everything," stated Lattimore. "I really feel I can fit in the offense. They were telling me how they are not only recruiting good athletes now, but how they also want good people. They feel I could be a guy who can come in and fill a leadership role with the team. Coach Fisher was saying how he liked the bigger guys in the backfield and how I fit his scheme perfectly."

"I really like Coach Carter," continued Lattimore on the visit. "I wanted to see if Coach was the same guy off the field as he was on the field. He really was. He is 100% real and he never changed at all over the visit. He'll get out there and coach you now, but his attitude never changed so I thought that was great. He is really a funny guy and he had me rolling all weekend."

While Marcus was in town he was able to catch a Seminole practice before the annual Garnet and Gold game was played Saturday. Marcus told NoleDigest that he liked the practice, and he said Coach Fisher hammered home to him just how much he really wanted him.

"Coach Fisher made it known to me this weekend how bad he wants me at FSU," said Lattimore. "Over the weekend he was making little hints at how he wants me there. For instance, at practice I was right there watching them. When a guy would continue to make a mistake he would tell the players he has guys who can come here and get it down, then he'd look over at me with this face. When we were watching film he was asking me what holes I would hit in certain cases after a guy would make an error."

Florida State has made Byrnes High a major priority as they have landed a player in the last two classes in Everette Dawkins and Justin Bright. Marcus enjoyed spending time with them over the weekend.

"It was great spending time with them," Lattimore said of spending the weekend with his former teammates. "Everette was great and we had a lot of fun. We ate great and he showed me around town. It was the first time I got a chance to see the city. I liked it a lot and I really can see myself living there for 4 years."

The offense didn't have its best day during the scrimmage, but that didn't deter Marcus from enjoying what he saw. The game, combined with what the coaches explained to him over the weekend, was enough for Lattimore to realize he's a great fit for FSU's offense.

"I like the offense there," Lattimore said, "mainly due to the different things Coach Fisher does with the offense. I think it is perfect the way he sets it up and tries to take advantage of what the defense is doing. I liked how they line up in the I-formation. I've never done that and I have never had a fullback in front of me to block. It'd be cool to have that. Coach Fisher uses his running backs in different ways. Whether it's the zone running, stretch plays, up the gut or whatever….he gets them the ball. Even though the offense didn't play well seeing all of that was great. When I was watching them play I felt that I could come in there and help them as a freshman. I felt that they lack some size in the backfield, and that I could be a guy who could come in and get the tough yards, or just do what the coaches wanted me to do."

Marcus is known throughout the nation as one of the premier players this year, so getting him in your program would be major for any school in the nation. Marcus said two linemen were talking FSU up big-time to him over the weekend.

"Ed Christian and Henry Orelus were talking to me a lot about FSU," said Lattimore. "I didn't know Ed was committed. He is a real big dude. Henry was telling me about how great things are at FSU, but also he was telling me how I need to make the decision for myself. I talked to some of the linemen on the team now, too. Between them, Ed and Henry there is a young nucleolus of players that would be there if I was there. I'd like to run behind them. Knowing they'd be there when I was there plays a factor."

Marcus told NoleDigest that he's been building relationships with several other national recruits. One of the biggest recruits he's been in contact with has been 5-star standout Lamarcus Joyner from St. Thomas Aquinas.

"Lamarcus and I have been talking a lot lately," stated Lattimore. "We've talked about the game this year. I can't wait to play that because we are going to put it on them (chuckles). Also we've talked a lot about recruiting and how we both like FSU. We've talked about how we'd impact the recruiting for FSU if we were to commit early. It would help the class a lot and we'd help bring in a lot of other great recruits. He's talked about Ohio State some but mainly it has been about FSU."

After it looked like FSU was out of it with Marcus a month ago, this visit cemented FSU's spot in Lattimore's upcoming top 5. The Seminole coaching staff will have to work hard throughout this recruiting season on Marcus, but as of now they've proved to him everything they have said.

"Coach Fisher proved to me on this visit everything he has told me," said Lattimore. "I can truly see myself playing there and living there. It was just great. I loved everything about it. By the end of summer I will have my top 5 and FSU and Georgia are the only schools guaranteed to be in it. FSU is now up there with me. I am comfortable with the offense and the coaches, and I liked the people and the town. There are just good people all around there."

Marcus said he'll be returning to FSU in July with his mother for the annual Seminole Showtime camp. The only visit before that will be to LSU on the 18th of this month. He did say a visit to Penn State over the summer is in the works.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Marcus, as well as the rest of the 2010 recruits the Seminoles are targeting.

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