Inside Look: Maryland Spring Practice

NoleDigest will be giving its readers different looks at the competition for 2009. In this addition of the spring wrap-up Mike Rubin of Turtle Sports talks about the standout players for Maryland this past spring.

Key Players for the Terps


Chris Turner- Jamarr Robinson had a chance to prove himself at spring football for the past few weeks, but still wasn't able to overcome a few issues in his game. Turner will be the starter going into the season, no surprises there. Turner had a good showing in the spring game going15 for 21 for 235 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Adrian Cannon- The junior WR has made quite a splash during spring ball. In the Red-White game, Cannon had 5 receptions for 99 yards and 2touchdowns. Though the offense really didn't gel until the end of spring football, Turner and Cannon seemed to show good chemistry during the last few weeks. Look for Cannon to be a big help for Turner this season, and vice versa. However, don't be surprised to see big plays this year from the WR position; there are nine players on the depth chart, all eager to get a few Sportscenter highlights.

Da'Rel Scott- He was a good player last year and good news, he's going to be better this year. Scott has learned to read the defense much better and will be able to hit the hole quicker than last year. The RB position seems to be the most with depth and variety. Davin Meggett and Morgan Green will also be helpful in big situations.


Kenny Tate- This kid has got it. Despite wanting to play both offense and defense this year for the Terps, Tate will remain on D. In high school, Tate played WR and so he certainly has the hands to get a few INTs. In addition to that, Tate has had a few picks this spring and is showing great anticipation and patience when reading the offense.

Drew Gloster- a tight end turned middle linebacker, Gloster certainly showed that he's doing well in the new defense of Don Brown. Gloster recorded 10tackles in the Red-White game. Despite the concern of installing anew defense, Gloster and the rest of the line have stepped up and learned the new D. OLB Demetrius Hartsfield has also impressed the coaches this spring and put up 7 tackles in the Red-White game.

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