Clements Diary Entry 1

NoleDigest tracked one of the best running back's recruitment last year when Lonnie Pryor wrote about what it was like being one of the top players in the nation last year. Eduardo Clements will be doing the same this year, and in this installment he talks about the schools that have been coming to see him and among other things how he is off the field.

Clements Entry No.1

Recruiting is good and it is exciting. Schools have been coming by but I think more will be coming soon. I'll tell you as I kid I never thought it'd be like this. I mean, I thought I would be good, but this is crazy. Having my parents see this makes me happy. This week we just had helmets and pads given out, but this week we have 2 days in full pads and a scrimmage Friday.

Rutgers, Tennessee, South Carolina and a lot of others have been coming by. Coach Kiffin came by, and he said he wanted to make sure he was the first to come see me. He was telling me how the first year they want to use me as a receiver, and then after that I can move into the backfield with Bryce Brown. The whole depth chart thing doesn't bother me because every school I am looking at has good backs. Competition makes me better, so I am not worried about that.

Wednesday FSU is supposed to be coming by. I am excited to see Coach Coley at my school. He is so full of life. It is going to be fun. I'm still open so it is cool seeing these other schools come by.

Me, Quinton Dunbar and Lynden Trail still talk about going to college together because we've playing together for a long time. Quinton is like my little brother. He is a good player and someone I really want to play with in college. When he committed to Miami I kept it real with him and told him what I thought about it. I thought he made a mistake because other schools aren't going to come after you as much if you're committed to a school. Since he de-committed he's been happy and working pretty hard.

One of the best things happened to me recently. I've been getting prepped for the ACT a lot lately. I think Booker T. does a good job of getting us ready, but I thought I'd get a 16 or 17 my first try. When I got my score back I saw that I got a 22 I was so happy man. I put that up there with the best things I have done.

One thing I wanted to mention was that off the field I am down to earth and I like to have fun. Me and Dunbar are pranksters and we like to joke around, but when its time to get serious, we do. I'm pretty humble and I feel like I lead through my actions. I'm not vocal, but I work hard, I don't get into trouble, I go to school and I do things the right way.

My family is really important to me. I spend a lot of time with my 3 nephews. The 3 and 4 year olds don't let anyone mess with me, LOL. Being around them pushes me and they inspire me to play harder. They look at me as one of the guys in the NFL already. Some people don't know that I stay with my godparents. When I was younger my mom got into some trouble so I came here. I still talk to my mom, but staying here made me the person I am. I can't away with some of the things I could with my mom. I can't even tell you the last time I had a report card with a C on it. I want to be like my older brother and sister and graduate college.

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