Meet the freshman class: Lonnie Pryor

As Florida State's freshman class arrives in Tallahassee in the coming weeks, NoleDigest will profile each athlete telling fans what to expect from every player.

Name: Lonnie Pryor
Position: Running Back

Why he chose Florida State: Florida State fans were able to track Pryor's recruitment through his diary entries posted exclusively on NoleDigest. Throughout the process, it was pretty clear that FSU was the team to beat and no one was able to even come close in the end for the standout running back.

"I just don't see myself anywhere else," explained Pryor in a interview with ND earlier this year. "After the great time at Showtime (FSU camp) we went to LSU. That visit was good but after I sat by myself and was just thinking that I can't see myself doing anything else. I told my dad I was going to FSU and he said "son, I knew it all along".

Pryor chose FSU over Clemson, UF, LSU, North Carolina, South Carolina and Wake Forest.

Strengths: Pryor is a complete running back. He is able to take the ball in-between the tackles, stretch it outside and also catches balls out of the backfield. Pryor also excels in special teams where he returned kicks this season finding the endzone once.

Weaknesses: Pryor does not have many weaknesses. One weakness was his seize and how his 6-0, 185 pound body would hold up at the division 1 level once he becomes a feature back. Pryor has been working hard in the weight room to help with this.

"I've been lifting and working out, finishing up school, and getting ready for FSU. Last week I got 275 pounds up on the bench so I am excited. I'm up to 207 pounds now so the work is paying off."

Chance of redshirting: 0% Pryor is a talent that offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher will find ways to get him the ball. He could very well turn into a player that hurt you whenever you do not have him on the field just because the threat of him touching the ball isn't there to defending teams. According the Pryor, "The chance of me redshirting is zero. I've been working really hard in the gym. The coaches told me they noticed I was getting bigger in my upper body so that made me very happy cause it told me the hard work is paying off. If I come in, am in shape, learn the play book and just prepare, I will play a lot next fall."

3 goals for Pryor coming in: 1. Start a game during his freshman season.
2. Score a touchdown in front of the home fans at Doak.
3.Beat the Gators!

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