FSU Looking at Carol City Standout

The coaches from Florida State have been out and about hitting every school in the state of Florida as they look for the best payers for the 2010 recruiting class. On Saturday the coaches were in Miami watching Carol City. NoleDigest caught up with Allen Hurns to talk recruiting and about the visit from FSU.

When people talk about the group of wide receivers for the 2010 class the one word that is constantly mentioned is depth. The class is loaded, and there are dozens of players who will be recruited by BCS schools.

The coaches from Florida State were down in Miami Saturday to watch Carol City scrimmage. There are two players there that the coaches have their eyes on: safety Gareef Glashen and wide reciver Allen Hurns. Hurns is a recruit many fans haven't heard of yet, but he is one of the top players in Dade County for 2010.

Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services says that Hurns is a talented reciver who has good hands and has the ability to maneuver his body in the air to catch the ball. Hurns has good burst and he can get separation from his man, which is a key factor for collegiate players. Carol City has had several good receivers, and Fishbein says he is one of the better ones since Santana Moss.

So far recruiting has gotten off to a slower start for Allen as schools are out evaluating players from across the nation. Hurns told NoleDigest that several schools have come by to visit and that he has been in contact with several coaches from programs all over the country.

"Right now I don't have any offers but UCF is supposed to be offering me this spring," said the Carol City standout. "FSU came by Saturday for our scrimmage which was great. They want me to come up to their camp, which I am going to do. I've also been in contact with Coach Hill from Miami, Coach Kelly from UCF, Coach Wimberly from Buffalo, Coach Partridge from Wisconsin and Coach Vaughn from Ole Miss."

The Miami native said that he grew up a fan of the hometown Hurricanes but said that he is open to the recruiting process. As schools enter the picture he says he intends on checking them out in order to see what they can offer him as a player.

"The schools that are looking at me like me as a reciver, and that is what I want to play in college," explained Hurns. "I grew up a fan of Miami but I am open to the process. Right now I am looking at Florida, FSU, Miami, UCF and West Virginia. I'd say that is my top 5. Florida wins games, Miami and FSU puts guys in the NFL and I like West Virginia's offense."

"When I look at these schools I am going to be looking for one that wins football games and that is going to let me compete for the starting spot even though I'm young," continued Hurns. "Also the school I am going to be looking for has to be able to develop me for the next level."

While many programs and fans don't know about him yet Hurns says he plans on showing off this summer at camps. With good size and speed Hurns feels he is a player people need to keep an eye on.

"I run track so I have speed and plus I am stronger than a lot of others at this level," said Hurns of what makes him standout. "Over the spring and summer I want to work on my route running at practice and at the camps I go to. I know I am going to FSU's camp and I want to check out Florida's camp. Other than that I don't know what other ones I am going to yet."

Allen will be making a decision before the start of his senior season if all goes to plan.

"I want to make my decision before the regular season starts but it depends on when and how the offers come," said Hurns.

Allen had 450 yards receiving last year and 7 touchdowns. With Carol City looking to open things up more this fall look for Hurns to gain more attention as the recruiting process continues.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Allen, and the rest of the 2010 recruiting class.

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