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2011 is a long way away, but recruits from that class are already garnering attention across the nation. When it comes to that class' best recruit Christian Lemay is a prospect often mentioned as arguably the top recruit for 2011. NoleDigest caught up with Christian to talk recruiting and to see if FSU is among the group of schools he is interested in.

Christian Lemay has been one of the best players in North Carolina for the past 2 years. Recently he has been attending combines and Elite 11 camps all across the south, and as he has shown he is arguably going to be on the short list of top recruits for the 2011 class.'s Chad Simmons came away extremely impresses with the rising junior after the Charlotte combine in April. He said that Lemay showed a nice arm, got rid of the ball quickly, and that he has a nice drop. While that is a good indication of a solid prospect, Simmons said that what stood out the most was his maturity. Lemay understands the position, he went about his business like a senior, and he stayed calm when he knew a lot of eyes were on him. Simply put Lemay has the poise, arm, feet, awareness, and ability top programs will want in a quarterback.

While it is very early in his recruitment Christian told NoleDigest that he's just soaking in the start of his recruitment, and he says that 9 programs have offered him a scholarship.

"Things are going good for me right now," said the Charlotte-Butler standout. "I'm feeling good and I am relaxing with my family at a youth conference. Recruiting has been going well as I have 9 offers so far from Florida State, Florida, Clemson, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Tennessee and Virginia. I've been getting a lot of mail and there's been some coaches stopping by for my teammates. Right now it's a lot of questionnaires and stuff like that."

Lemay has proven his worth at the camps he's attended so far this spring. Christian says that getting a chance to work with the coaches and competing against great players is something that he relishes. For Lemay it is a chance to prove to others that he is a great player regardless of class.

"I've been doing well at camps and I have impressed a lot of people so far," said Lemay of his performances this spring. "I've gone out there trying to impress the people there, but for me it is a chance to get better as a player. I like that I get a chance to work with the coaches and gain all of the knowledge they can give me."

"I know there a lot of good players out there, and I am not trying to be arrogant, but I feel I am one of the best ones out there," continued Lemay. "Every competitor needs to feel that way as I believe that is what you need (to excel)."

Lemay is taking the recruiting process slowly at this time as he's looking at every school interested. Florida State is one of the programs that have come in early, and it is a place Lemay has visited before.

"I'm enjoying this process and I am trying to get a chance to visit some of these schools," said Lemay. "FSU is a school that I like a lot because of the family atmosphere they have there. When I went there for a visit I liked how the coaches and the players have a great relationship and I liked how former players come around there. I felt at home there with Coach Bowden, Coach Fisher, and Coach Carter. They really welcomed me there and that's something I am looking for."

The NCAA sanctions have been talked about a great extent since they came down, and it has alarmed some recruits. Once the true story got out the picture became clearer for these recruits, as Lemay is one of the prospects that falls in this group of people. He told NoleDigest at first that he was concerned with the ruling, but after it came down he's left wondering if the punishment fits the crime.

"At first the NCAA thing alarmed me, but after reading about it I saw they only lost 2 scholarships and that they're almost done," explained Lemay. "The thing I don't get is why they are taking the games away from Coach Bowden. He had no control over what happened in my opinion. I feel a coach cannot control everything. FSU confessed on themselves….a school like Tennessee has reported themselves for things but you didn't see Coach Fulmer lose any wins. I just don't understand it."

Christian is a good athlete as well as a good quarterback, but he says he wants to play in a pro-style offense that allows him to show off his arm. According to him the system a program runs will play a role in his recruitment.

"I look at myself as a pro-style quarterback," said Lemay. "I can run but my biggest asset is that I am a drop back passer. I can roll out and I can make all of the throws. I really want to play in a pro-style offense that has a little bit of an I-formation. I know that they I-formation isn't used much anymore, and in today's game it is hard to win with it; you know when you see Peyton Manning running a spread things have changed (laughs). Anyways the system will help the team. I am waiting for God to give me the word right now."

Christian is focused on improving everyday as a person on and off the field, but he does know 3 factors that will play a part in his decision.

"There are three factors that I am looking for when it comes to the school I am looking for," stated Lemay. "I want a place that I feel at home at. I want a place that welcomes me and id not fake. The second thing I am looking for is a relevant place that has a good Christian atmosphere. I don't want coaches that are going to cuss you out or dog me out because I am a human being. The last thing is that I want to go to a place where I can grow as a player and be a person that gives back."

Christian will be highly recruited in 2011, and the program that lands him will land a super talented quarterback who has all of the tools to be a special talent on the next level.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Christian as we track his recruitment up until Signing Day 2011.

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