Byrnes Stars Talk Recruiting and FSU Visit

Coaches from FSU made the trek up to South Carolina Monday to visit Byrnes and the several BCS caliber players they have for 2010. NoleDigest caught up with a few of the players to get their thoughts on the visit and to get the latest with their recruitment.

The coaches from Florida State have been going out full force this spring visiting schools all across the country. After a week in Florida the coaches are heading back out of state to see some of their national targets. On Monday FSU stopped by Byrnes High in Duncan, SC to check out their first day of practice.

The Seminoles are heavily recruiting 3 players from the South Carolina powerhouse in Marcus Lattimore, Brandon Willis and Corey Miller. Additionally the coaches have been recruiting receiver Jazz King, cornerback Nick Jones and athlete Torian Richardson. NoleDigest caught up with Lattimore and Miller Monday night to see how the visit went, and to see what has been going on with their recruitment.

NoleDigest: How was it getting back onto the field?

Marcus Lattimore: "it's been great to get going again. We've been testing out recently and I am doing better than I ever have been. I put up 280 on the bench, 440 in the squat, 280 in the power clean, I ran a 4.4 40, jumped 39" in the vert and over 10 feet in the broad jump. It is the best I have ever tested and now I am ready to use this spring to get to the next level."

Corey Miller: "Today was the first day we had practice and I was excited to get out there. It is nice to get back into the swing of things. It was good day for us because everyone was intense and ready to go."

ND: Was Florida State the only school out there today?

CM: "There were a lot of schools out there actually. It was FSU, Penn State, Notre Dame, UCLA, Virginia and some smaller schools. FSU had 5 coaches out there while the others had 1 or 2. That was kind of cool."

ML: "Yeah, I was impressed that they had 5 guys out there. They could've gone anywhere else but they all came to see us. That shows me that we are a big priority to them for the 2010 class. To me it speaks volumes."

ND: Marcus, recently you named Auburn as your leader. After great visits to Georgia and FSU you didn't name a favorite, but what about the visit to Auburn made them your top school?

ML: "I just had a good time there. The coaches were passionate about everything the do, and I liked the people that were there. The big difference between the 3 was the way Auburn presented themselves to me. My mom went and she liked it there, too. But things could change. After spring I will be visiting Penn State, North Carolina and South Carolina. The big thing is I will be watching this season to see how these teams do. I want to go to a place that has the total package: a place where I am comfortable, the offense, and if I can develop there."

ND: Both of you have had FSU at the top of your lists. What do you like about them?

CM: "I liked the visit there and honestly I've liked them for a while. FSU is one my mind a lot. Things haven't changed and I like them a lot. I have a good relationship with Coach Allen and Coach Haggins. I don't talk to college coaches a lot right now, but when I talk to them its always a good conversation. Also Everett Dawkins tells me how much of a family feel it is there."

ML: "I actually just got off of the phone with Coach Fisher before you called. We talked for about an hour or so. We talked about me and my family coming up to Showtime in July. He also told me how much I have gotten better since the last time he saw me. Mostly we just talked about our families and the offense there. For me I like Coach Fisher a lot because he is the only coach that recognizes my character and how I can impact a team with that. He told me no matter where I go I should never lose that."

"As much as I like Coach Fisher I really like Coach Carter. That is my favorite coach….that is my man. Of all the running back coaches that is my favorite. I don't think he is but if he ever left FSU I'd be devastated. I like how he keeps it straight up with me, and he never changes. He met my mom today and she really liked him. I liked that because I really like him a lot. He knows what it takes to get to the NFL. I also like Tallahassee. When my mom comes in July I hope she likes it. I get the feeling she is going to love it there."

ND: Are you all planning on heading out to California still?

CM: "We're trying to get out there this summer but right now it is not certain it is going to happen or not."

ND: Are you both heading to Showtime in July?

ML: "Yeah it is locked in that I am coming down there then. Other than that I am not sure of what else I'm doing."

CM: "I want to check out some other schools and all but I've stayed in contact with the FSU coaches and they know I am coming in July for the weekend."

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