Clements Diary Entry 2

In the second installment of his diary Eduardo Clements talks about the schools that have been stopping by Booker T. Washington, how spring practices has been going, and among other things the schools that are starting pull ahead of the pack.

Entry No. 2

There have been a lot of schools coming by to see me lately. Kansas State, Clemson, Pitt, Miami, Florida State, USF, Virginia and Michigan have been some of the schools that have been by. Pretty much they're all saying the same stuff. Some of them I was surprised in the fact that they came to see me. I've been impressed by how it is going.

Practices have been going great for me. The coaches have been doing different things with me and they've been trying me at different positions. I've been playing running back, quarterback, cornerback and linebacker. I've actually be playing second string quarterback because our 2nd stringer has to sit out spring because of transfer rules. I like it, but the interceptions scare me. I do like having the ball in my hands all the time, though. I've played linebacker before, but I've always liked offense. I'm going to do whatever my coaches need me to do that helps my team, though.

People have been asking me what's going on with the schools I am looking at. With FSU I just want to see the offense this year. I have actually been talking to Jeffrey Godfrey, Josh Reese, Quinton Dunbar and Lynden Trail a lot lately and we've been talking about playing together at FSU. We talk about what we could do for that team and we talk about how playing with each other would allow us to push each other. With Jeffrey he was asking me about the schools I was looking at compared to him. The only schools that are giving him a shot at quarterback are FSU and USF. He was talking about how we just needed to go ahead and make the decision to play together at FSU.

I'd say right now FSU and Georgia are the two that are really starting to pull ahead of everyone. I've gone back and forth on it and I don't know who I'd sign with yet. Some people have been asking about Miami but there is a lot going on there. They have a bunch of guys at running back and they have the new offense going on. The staff says they're going to change a lot but we will see. Some people bring that up with FSU, but honestly I can see that the coaches at FSU are working harder. With guys like E.J. Manuel and the guys who redshirted last year there is going to be a lot of improvement there.

I have to be honest and say that if I had to decide today that Miami wouldn't be there. The three would be FSU, Georgia and USF. I want people to know that I am not playing games and that I am trying to make a good decision on the next 4-5 years of my life. I don't want to make a commitment then de-commit, and I don't want to make a decision to go to Miami and sit forever then wonder what woulda been.

Other than that I've been focusing on spring and my family. Everything is good. My girlfriend, Lanie Whitaker, is in Rise Magazine this month. She is a track runner who's going to Florida, our rivals, and they did a feature on her. She runs the 400. Like I told her she is going to be good with the decision that is best for me. If I sign with FSU that is my decision. When we play we're going to have to work something out, LOL. She is going to have to wear Garnet and Gold and Orange and Blue. I tried to get her to go to FSU, but it didn't work. Other than that school is good and I am ready to go.

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