Is Reese Part of a Package Deal?

Florida State's recruiting board is loaded at the wide receiver position for the 2010 class. One of the targets for the Seminoles is Miami-Central wide receiver Josh Reese. NoleDigest caught up with Josh to get his thoughts on his recruitment as he addresses such topics as what he's looking for in a school and if he plans on playing with his teammates on the collegiate level.

Josh Reese is one of the top receivers in South Florida for the 2010 recruiting class, and he is one of the many BCS caliber wide outs in the state this year. The Miami-Central standout brings decent size to the table, and he is a good route runner with better than average speed.

Reese told NoleDigest that his recruitment has gotten off to a solid start as he is in double digits now. He says several top-tier programs are close to pulling trigger with an offer; therefore look for his list to grow here soon.

"Recruiting has been very good for me so far as I have 10 offers so far," explained Reese. "Florida State, Florida, USF, UCF, FIU, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas and South Carolina have offered me, and a couple more like Oklahoma, Oregon and Alabama have told me an offer is on the way. Ole Miss told me they are looking at my film and that they may offer me, too. I am happy with the programs that have offered me."

One of the teams missing on that list is the hometown Miami Hurricanes. Josh says he hasn't been hearing from the Canes much but an offer from them would go a long way in terms of where Miami would sit on his list.

"Miami was sending me stuff for a while but I haven't heard or talked to them in a while," said Reese. "I grew up watching them and liked them as a kid. I've been looking at them some, and if they offered they'd move up towards the top of my list."

Florida State is a school that has been recruiting Josh for a while as they offered him several months ago. Right now the Seminoles are a program Josh has been looking at and they are a team that looks to be in the thick of things for Reese at this time.

"FSU is right at the top for me," Reese said, "mainly because it is a great school and a great program. Also my sister goes to FAMU, so it'd be nice to be around her. I also like how she would be there to push me and that she can show me around town. Earlier this spring tons of coaches came out to see us but FSU brought it big; they had 5 coaches out there while the others had one or two. That was big man and I will be keeping them at the top of my list."

"Package deals" and "trios" have become popular terms when it comes to recruiting as several high school teams have boasted multiple BCS caliber players all in one year. This year Central has 3 big time players in Reese, Jeffery Godfrey and Brandon Gainer. According to Reese it's a real possibility that all 3 play together on the next level.

"I have a really good connection with Jeffery (Godfrey) and I love playing with Brandon (Gainer)," stated Reese. "When I first got here we didn't have it but we've got it right now. I know running my routes Jeff will get me the ball, and it's hard for defense because they want to try to stop Brandon run the ball."

"We talk a lot about playing together on the next level," continued Reese. "We talked this whole weekend about it actually about when we should make the decision, where we should go and how we need to do it. I also have talked to Eduardo Clements from Booker T. Washington about it. He was telling me how the guys at his school want to play together, and I told him the same. He said we should all just go ahead and all go to the same school together. We would like to make that happen for real, but in the end it has to be a situation that works for each and every one of us."

Josh will be looking for a blend of academics, playing time and overall program when it comes to the school he chooses.

"Playing time, academics and the entire picture are what I am looking for," said Reese. "Not everyone makes it to the NFL so I want a good education. For a place like FSU I just need to get up there and see it. My sister talks about it all of the time. I'll be making visits over the summer with unofficials and camps."

Last year Reese had 45 catches for 795 yards and 10 scores.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Josh, as well as the rest of the recruiting targets from the 2010 recruiting class.

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