Reid Addresses Rumors and his Future at FSU

Greg Reid's recruitment was one of the more interesting stories this past year as he switched his commitment from Florida to Florida State late in the process. Since then he has been in the news for several reasons, leading to all sorts of speculation and rumors. NoleDigest caught up with hum to set the record straight and to talk about his future at FSU.

Getting Greg Reid to flip his long-time commitment from Florida to Florida State was one of the more compelling stories towards the end of the 2009 recruiting cycle last year. Reid showed at the UnderArmour All-American game just how talented he is which left Seminole fans excited about what he'll bring to the team this fall.

Since his signing in February fans have constantly been wondering his status on his academics as he's been a recruit who is still working towards meeting the necessary classroom requirements to get into college. Earlier last month Greg's story got more interesting when he was involved in an altercation at school, which resulted in him being suspended from Lowndes for a period of time. Greg set the record straight with NoleDigest as he says a lot of things got absolutely blown out of proportion.

"First off let me tell you that I was wrong getting into a fight at school," said Reid. "The initial altercation happened on a weekend so I should have just kept it away from there. The real story on what happened is that I was at grad night, but my brother got into an altercation with the quarterback at our school. Him and some of his friends jumped my brother and pulled a gun on him and pointed it at him. I felt like I had to do something. After it happened I talked to the superintendent. I was allowed to go to school for the last week, and I was able to finish my course work at an alternative school. Everything was normal there as I walked with my class last Saturday."

Gossip and rumor spreading ensued after as the immediate reaction was that Greg was a "thug" and was part of a gang. He said that is 100% not the case.

"My dad was part of a group that started a group of people all from the same area," explained Reid. "There is a buddy of my dad's that joined the gang unit and he has been working on stopping all of that stuff. People blew it all up thinking I was apart of it, but I am not. It's my responsibility to do things the right way and that is what I am doing."

Since Signing Day the coaches at FSU, especially Coach Fisher, have stayed in constant contact with Greg. With the freshman report date rapidly approaching Reid says that he is excited to get it going, and that he feels pretty confident that his academic situation is all cleared up.

"Since recruiting died down I have been running and playing a lot of basketball," Reid said, "but other than that I have been chilling out. Coach Fisher has been in constant contact with me. He came to see me at my house a couple weeks ago and I actually talked to him on the phone today (Friday). Coach Fisher has been checking on me, telling me about the team and just letting me know what's up for next year."

"Coach is pretty confident that I am good to go with my academics," Reid continued, "and I am too to be honest. In a week I have to take a science test but that is something that I am not worried about at all. I've already done it with the ACT, so I am confident. I am ready to win an ACC Championship next year and I am ready to make people talk about all of the positive things about me."

Reid told NoleDigest that he is coming in ready to play as soon as possible and that he wants to contribute to the team in any way possible.

"I'm ready to go on the 20th man and I cannot wait," said an excited Reid. "I'm coming to play. I don't know too many people on the team as I chose FSU late in the process, but I have been playing hard since I was 4 so I am going to come in and play as hard as I can. The best guy always plays and I am going to try to be that guy. If I am not and someone beats me out they need to know that I am going to be bringing it every single day and every single play. Whether it is corner, kick and punt return, or even some offense I want to do whatever it takes to help my team win."

Greg says that he has been talking to the younger Lowndes players about FSU. He said that several players going to FSU is something special, and that he plans on passing the word on the future of FSU.

"I talk to Ed Christian, Telvin (Smith) and Tyler Hunter about FSU and how it would be for all of us to go there, said Reid. "To me it would make sense for us to all go there, and honestly if I were younger and saw a bunch of my teammates going to one school, I would join them. Telvin is my 2nd cousin, and I tell him that FSU would be the best choice for him. He understands the recruiting process so I am pretty sure he'll be coming to FSU."

Greg is expected to play right away for the Seminoles and that is what this talented playmaker plans on doing.

Other Notes on Greg:

-His roommate is going to be Xavier Rhodes.

-He doesn't know what number he will be yet.

-He was told he'll most likely be on the return team from Day 1.

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