Position breakdown and battles: TE

During the off-season heading into summer workouts and beyond, NoleDigset is looking at every position analyzing possible battles and how each player is looking.

The leader: Caz Piurowski, SR

Last season: Started 10 games, played in 9. 8 receptions for 83 yards and 1 TD.

The good: Piurowski is a very big body and has spent one season playing tackle for Coach Trickett. That alone makes him the most effective blocker at the position that Florida State has on their roster. Piurowski also holds the edge in experience as he will be entering his fourth and final season at FSU. He knows the position better than any other players on the current roster and is reliable in the rushing game.

The bad: Piurowski is not much of a threat in the receiving game. Florida State has used their tight end very sparingly in for some time now and Piurowski does not offer a reliable target for quarterback Christian Ponder. If he can become more effective in the passing game, he could have a possible future at the next level playing the position. For now, he will continue to be used mostly for blocking purposes.

The contenders: Ja'Baris Little, SO. Beau Reliford, SO.

The good: Little: Little is one of the more athletic players on the team for someone his size. He is still very raw as far as his skill set goes, but could prove to be very useful if Jimbo Fisher shows that he wants to utilize the tight end position more in the passing game.

Reliford: Reliford has a very big body and has good control over it. Several players on the team have said he has shown big play ability during practices making acrobatic catches on several occasions. If his glimpses of greatness in practice can turn into consistent play in games, he could take the job by seasons end.

The bad:

Little: Little does not have ideal size for a tight end as he stands at just 6'4" and 225 pounds. He is an easy match up for most linebackers and does not create the problems that you would liketo have from a tight end.

Reliford: Reliford did not play against the toughest competition in high school was slow to adjust at the college level. His main thing is that he needs to gain experience and continue to build confidence. Once he does, he could be a big time playmaker at the tight end position.

Post-spring verdict: Caz Piurowski will most likely be starting from day 1 this season, as he gives added experience to the offensive line and will help to pave the way for Florida State's running backs to run the ball. If one of the three can show a consistent ability to make catches in game situations, Jimbo Fisher could incorporate more of a role in the passing game which could expand the Seminoles playbook greatly. It doesn't look like that will happen early on in the season, but could be a definite possibility heading into the later months.

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