Position breakdowns and battles: CB

During the off-season heading into summer workouts and beyond, NoleDigst is looking at every position analyzing possible battles and how each player is looking.

The Leaders: Patrick Robinson, SR; Ochuko Jenije, RS JR

Last season: Robinson – Started 8 games. 22 tackles and 1 INT. Jenije – Played in 7 games. 7 tackles and 2 PBU's.

The good

Robinson: Robinson made the decision to come back and play one more year for Florida State after a down season last fall. He is Florida State's only proven playmaker in the secondary. He showed his ability to make plays during his sophomore season when he totaled six interceptions and put a string of five consecutive games with and INT together. He has a knack for finding the ball and forces opposing offenses to throw away from him.

Jenije: Jenije has come a long was in the past year. He is a student of the game and uses his intelligence while on the field which helps him be in the right place at the right time. He has a good work ethic and is committed to becoming a better player.

The bad:

Robinson: Robinson needs to become more of a force when making tackles in the open field. His coverage skills are impeccable, but at times, he doesn't play disciplined in the run game which could hurt the team. If he can clean up that aspect of his game, look for him to be a first round draft pick for the NFL.

Jenije: Jenije is not the most physically gifted player on the team, and at time when left on an island with a more athletic receiver, he has trouble holding his own. His smart play can help him most of the time, but sometimes his physical limitations make him a liability.

The contenders: Dionte Allen, RS SO; A.J. Alexander, RS FR.

Allen: Allen is a player who was came to Florida State with high expectations. He has had two years on campus already to adjust and is going to be called upon to help starting this season. If he can continue to grasp an understanding of the defensive scheme, his physical abilities should be enough to earn him some playing time this season.

Alexander: Alexander adds speed to the position on the depth chart, but is still getting used to the college game. During the spring, he saw a good amount of playing time at cornerback and didn't do anything to stand out too much, good or bad. He will need to continue to catch on to how Andrews' defense is run so he can add depth this season at a thin position.

Wildcard: Greg Reid Reid was one of the highest rated players at his position this year in high school. Although it will be close, all signs point to him qualifying and being able to play at FSU this season. He has all the physical ability in the world and is a natural cornerback. If he can adjust to the college game quick enough, he could earn some significant playing time this season based on his athletic talents alone.

Final verdict: Besides Robinson, this unit has some serious questions to answer heading into the season. If someone else can't step up and force defense to throw to both sides of the field, there will be a lot of pressure on the safeties and FSU could be giving up a lot of big plays through the air this season.

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