Jacobbi Chooses FSU over Baseball

After over a week of speculation McDaniel has made up his mind: He will be playing football for FSU in 2009.

Since getting drafted word has spread that Jacobbi McDaniel was going to give pro baseball a try. Late last week he was still torn, but after talking it over this past weekend with family and friend McDaniel has come to a decision.

"I'm just ready to get this decision off of my shoulders, so I am going to go to Florida State," said McDaniel. "In the end I have to do what's going to be best for me, and going to FSU to get an education and play football is what is best for me."

Jacobbi was getting a ton of advice from people in and around the community. It was a talk with one of his former coaches that really helped him come to a final decision.

"The Madison coaches were telling me their opinions about it," said McDaniel. "Coach Frank called me and said thinking about me. He was telling me about making the best decision. Education last forever whereas sports don't. He was telling me I needed to go to FSU to grow up as man. I understood that. He was telling me Coach Haggins would take care of me as his son."

So what was the deal with the whole baseball offer and the reported $800,000?

"The thing that pissed me off was that the Scout was lying to me a bit," explained McDaniel. "I told them that $1- 1.5 million would make me skip football all together. He said $800,000, so I felt like he was playing me a bit. Why would he mention that if it wasn't the case? I forwarded every text I got from the Scout to Coach Fisher, so the Scout was saying that I was saying what the coaches were telling me to say. At first he was telling me I was the next Prince Fielder, but in the end he said he doesn't remember ever saying that (the $800k). Every time we talked he told me to not talk about our conversations with others. It was always between us. I was never playing games with people because I am not that kind of kid. I huts told everyone what this dude told me. He said it, and that is where the thoughts came from."

With the decision complete McDaniel has his mind turned to what lies ahead of him this fall.

"I'm happy," said McDaniel. "Now I am just going to start packing and get my stuff ready. Athletically I am ready man. I am up to 295, and it is all muscle. My chest and shoulder are bigger. I'm ready to go and I am ready for Miami on Labor Day weekend."

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