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Lamarcus Joyner is arguably the most important recruit on Florida State's board for the 2010 recruiting class. There have been a lot of rumors about his recruitment since it started. He spoke to NoleDigest for an in-depth conversation as he addresses some of those leaders, as well as naming a school that's leading the pack at this time.

Lamarcus Joyner is one of the most talented athletes in the 2010 class regardless of position. The St. Thomas Aquinas standout excels on both sides of the ball, but defense is where Joyner plans on making noise on the next level. Lamarcus had a busy spring as practically every major program made their way to Ft. Lauderdale to check out Joyner and the several other BCS recruits STA has this year. Joyner told NoleDigest that since the spring ended he's turned his attention to academics and has his list narrowed down to 7 schools.

"Since spring things got a little harder with recruiting because I focused on trimming my list down to a final 7 schools," said the 5-star recruit. "From here on out I am going to focus on only these 7. If schools show me interest my coach and I will tell them thank you for the offer and that I appreciate it, but I am going to focus on these schools: Florida State, Ohio State, USC, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee."

"The spring in itself was fun for me," continued Joyner. "Honestly man we have so much depth at St. Thomas that I wanted to play some offense to balance it out for the spring game. I'm not going to lie I wish I would've come here like 3 or 4 years ago because there are so many great guys here. Every day coach would let me play whatever I wanted. I kind of wanted to show a little bit on offense. We lifted before the game, but I did pretty well as I had a touchdown and gained a lot of yards. While I like offense defense is where my heart is at so I am only going to focus on that in college. Now that spring is over I'm just focusing on summer school. When I transferred over the credits were different so some of my classes weren't accepted here. Things are going great and I am coming along with them."

People who follow Joyner's recruitment know the story with him as it has long been rumored to be a battle between FSU and Ohio State. While Lamarcus does have a top 7 he did admit that those two schools stand out to him at this time.

"FSU and Ohio State….those are the top two for me," said Joyner. "OSU has great people, great coaches and Columbus is a great area. I like how the staff there develops their guys for the NFL. Here is the thing; I am mainly looking for a place that can help me mature as a man. Ohio State has that, and I know guys who've signed there and are going there now."

"With FSU, the great thing about them is that I like them for more than being my dream school," said Joyner of his other favorite. "I'm not going to make the fact they are my dream the main reason. When I think about what they have to offer, I see they offer me the exact same as OSU, and they are far enough away from home but aren't too far. They offer me a chance to come in there and play as a freshman, and I can go there and help them get back to being the old FSU. They too have great coaches. What sets FSU apart and makes them my leader is that Ohio State doesn't offer me anything that FSU can't, and FSU is my heart."

There's been a lot of talk that Joyner is a silent commitment to OSU and that he has been recruiting for the Buckeyes. Joyner said that is hardly the case.

"I like Ohio State, but that is not true at all," said Joyner. "I haven't been recruiting for anyone really. That kind of stuff is why I have been trying to stay away from the media and fly under the radar. It's just not true."

Coach Coley at FSU has made a major impact on Joyner. He says what makes their relationship standout among the others is that Coley doesn't sugarcoat anything and tells Lamarcus what is going on.

"Man I look at Coach Coley like he is my brother and I love talking to him," stated Joyner. "I always stay in contact with him. When I talk to him he gets me so pumped up and he makes me want to sign that dotted line over the phone. What I really like about Coach Coley is this; you have coaches when they talk to you with tell you 10% truth and 90% red carpet treatment. They will say some things and they'll skip over others. Coach keeps it real with me and he doesn't jump over things. He answers all of my questions and he breaks it down so I understand everything, why it is and all of that."

Another thing that is somewhat talked about amongst fans that needs to be considered more is the possibility that Terrell Buckley may be the next defensive backs coach at FSU.

"Honestly I'd love to play for Coach Buckley," said Joyner of his childhood idol. "When I went up there last we were in the parking lot talking and was telling me some things about my game that could make me better. I'd love playing for him and I hope the rumors of him being the next defensive backs coach aren't false."

Lamarcus plays with several players at STA that are national recruits. He says they often talk about playing together, but it is another recruit he's built a relationship with that is intriguing.

"At STA we have like 12 guys who'll play in college," Joyner said, "and we talk about the next level and playing together. I talk to 2009 signees too. I also talk to Marcus Lattimore. He left me message on Facebook and we've stayed in contact since. He is from South Carolina and I have family there so I think we understand each other. We have a good relationship. We talk about the game we have coming up and stuff like that. We also talk about recruiting here and there, and I will throw in some jabs for FSU because I know he is looking at them. We share our thoughts."

Early on in the process Lamarcus had planned on making his decision on National Signing Day, and he even hinted that it could come after that. He said plans have changed and that it could come at any time.

"At first I was going to wait it out but now I can do it at any time," said Joyner of when he's going to make his decision. "It could be before the season, game 2 or any other day. I've got the two schools and I have back-ups just in case. I am talking it over with Coach Smith because he has been here before. After that I will probably go ahead and make it (his decision)."

Speaking of coaches Joyner wanted to address one more rumor and that is that Chris Carter, who coaches at STA, is pushing him towards OSU.

"I don't like those rumors about Coach Carter at all," explained Joyner. "I hate how people talk about how he is pushing me towards OSU when in fact he tells me my decision is up to me. He is there to help me as a player. He has never told me to go to OSU."

Lamarcus says the only visit he has planned for the summer is to Seminole Showtime. Until then he's trying to get bigger, faster and stronger for his senior season.

"I'm chilling out this summer so I can get ready for a great senior season," Joyner said of his plans. "I'm going to Showtime, but other than that nothing else. I've put on 10 pounds so I am up to 178 now. By the time the season starts the coaches want me at 185. I have almost 2 months to get there so that's my main focus now."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Lamarcus.

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