Barnes Talks Commitment

NoleDigest spoke to Florida State's newest commitment Tavaris Barnes to get his thoughts on his decision to go ahead and commit to FSU.

Getting Tavaris Barnes' commitment was big for Florida State as Barnes is a talented defensive lineman with major upside. Earlier in the process Barnes had been favoring Florida and North Carolina as certain points while the Seminoles had been mentioned as a school he was considering. After he visited FSU this weekend for a basketball camp he said he knew the choice he had to make.

"I'm really excited about this decision," said the 3-star lineman. "I was there this past weekend for basketball, but I felt that Tallahassee and FSU is the place for me. I felt that I was at home and it just felt right to me."

Tavaris says that he had been in contact with Coach Dawsey at FSU leading up to his camp visit this past weekend. When he was in town he stopped by to talk to Coach Dawsey. He told NoleDigest that the talk helped him make his decision.

"I talked to Coach Dawsey last week and he was asking me when I was going to commit," said Barnes. "I told him I wasn't sure about it then. When I was there this past weekend he was telling me how they really want me to come there and all that. We were just chilling and talking about other things than football. It was really cool talking to him."

Barnes says that the Seminoles are looking at him as a defensive end right now. With playing time available and former teammates already in the program, Tavaris says the choice was easier to make.

"They want me as a defensive end, and I feel there is a chance I can play early," explained Barnes on his decision. "Coach Haggins just told me he was really happy to have me. What also helped FSU is that Jermaine Thomas, Avis Commack and Nigel Carr are over there. They can show me the ropes and they will look out for me. That wasn't the main reason why I chose FSU, but it does help them."

As we stated earlier the choice for Barnes was sort of a shock as he had publicly been favoring other schools throughout his recruitment. Florida was one of the schools Tavaris was looking at, and there was talk that he was going to commit to them at one point. While Barnes liked FSU too, Florida was the choice of some of his family. What helped Tavaris and his family was clarifying the future of the program at FSU in terms of the probation and NCAA sanctions.

"My family is excited for me and they support the decision I made," said Barnes. "My mom wanted me to go to Florida for her reasons, but she talked to the coaches at FSU and got the clarification she needed."

NoleDigest spoke to Tavaris' mom to get her thoughts on the decision.

"The primary reason I wanted him to go to Florida was discipline," said Tavaris' mother. "Sometimes it's not always the ideal situation but I wanted to make sure he was straight. Another reason is that Tavaris wants to be a physical therapist, and Florida has a good program for that. But Tavaris wanted to go to FSU and this is his life. Whatever school he chose I was going to stand behind."

"With FSU I was also concerned about the probation," she continued. "I was reassured by Coach Fisher and Coach Dawsey that it wasn't going to affect Tavaris, and that they are still going to have bowl games and all of that. I needed to hear the truth from them and not what was on the news. I feel more comfortable with that. Another reason is that FAMU is right down the street. Tavaris is going to do just fine academically, and I want him to be pushed. He is going to have to be pushed. But I don't want him to get messed up by the females. My brother was a 3-time All-American in high school and he could have gone pro, but he got messed up with the females. For me it was nothing political as it was all mom stuff. The coaches reassured me he's going to be okay and that he is going to be around good people. When I tell my parents my mom is going to do the happy dance as she wanted him to go to FSU. We're his support system and we are going to be there for him."

Barnes says that he's firmly committed and that he may take a couple visits. With his commitment out of the way he is focusing on academics for the rest of the summer.

"I'm firm with my commitment," Barnes said, "but I may take a couple visits. Pretty much no one is going to make me switch my commitment. "I don't think I am going to any camps or anything. With my commitment out of the way I am going to focus on school. I am good to go with that."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Tavaris, as well as the rest of the commitments from the 2010 class.

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