ND Post Spring Recruiting Board: Def. Tackle

Over the past few weeks NoleDigest has been looking at the Post-Spring Recruiting board for Florida State. After scouring the country checking out recruits, the coaches at FSU have seen their board change as interest has grown in some, while others have either committed or slipped down the list. In this installment we look at the defensive tackles on FSU's board.

Defensive Tackles

There are a few recruits that could end up at this spot like Brandon Willis and Darius Cummings if they come to Florida State, but right now they may stay on the outside on the next level. Here's the top tackles on the board right now.

1) Tavaris Barnes: The Seminole commitment has the frame to add the healthy weight to make the move inside on the next level.

2) Damien Jacobs: The coaches at FSU really like Jacobs as he has the size and ability as a run stopper that they've been lacking. At 6'4" and 280 pounds Jacobs is a space eater who can also rush the passer as his 10 sacks last year indicated. Jacobs is open to several schools but FSU is in the lead here. LSU is the school to watch as they seem to be the only school that can knock off the Seminoles at this time.

3) Elliot Porter: Porter is visiting FSU Friday as he has a lot of interest in the Noles. The new offer from LSU has catapulted the Tigers into the top spot and they are now going to be tough to beat.

4) Shawn Green: Green is built much like Jacobbi McDaniel in that he is shorter and stockier than others at his position. Like McDaniel Green has elite strength and good speed. Recently the Noles made Green's top 5 so FSU is in the thick of things for the Loganville standout.

5) Fre'shad Hunter: Hunter is one of the top players in North Carolina this year. Hunter has excellent size and speed and he is one of the most athletic linemen in the Southeast this year. Hunter supposedly favors N.C. State so FSU has a lot of room to make up if they want to get in the game with Hunter.

6) Calvin Smith: The Hialeah standout saw his recruitment really pick up this past spring as now he holds offers from FSU, Florida, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Ole Miss and a host of others. The coaches have known about Smith since he did well at the Down-n-Dirty camp last year. FSU has been a top Smith's list for a while but Calvin is taking an open approach to his recruitment. There is some talk that Smith may end up on the offensive side of the ball on the next level.

Other targets: Denzel McCoy (committed to Georgia Tech), Richard Ash (Florida lean and he is way down the list of targets for FSU), Garrison Smith (FSU isn't really in it right now), Louis Nix (Miami commitment right now).

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