Porter "Blown Away" by FSU Visit

Elliot Porter made his way to Tallahassee Friday to visit Florida State. Coming into the visit Porter had named the hometown LSU Tigers his leader. Is that still the case after the visit?

Since the spring ended Elliot Porter has seen his recruitment pick up steam as numerous programs have offered the Archbishop Shaw standout. Porter has been making a few visits lately as he's checking out the schools he is interested in. Earlier this week it came out that Porter was favoring the LSU Tigers after they extended him an offer, but he still wanted to make some visits to other schools he is interested in.

One of those schools Porter had planned on visiting is Florida State. On Friday he made his way there for a one day visit to check out what the Seminoles had to offer him. According to Porter the visit was much more than he had originally expected.

"Simply it was a great visit," said the 3-star lineman. "Academics really stood out to me, and everything there was just nice and upbeat. It was just different than what I have seen before with the big stadium and the school itself."

The coaches at FSU have been working hard recruiting the 6'4" 280 pound tackle. He told NoleDigest that he really likes the coaches at FSU and they are a major reason why the ‘Noles have climbed to the top of his list.

"We met up with Coach Coley when we got there," said Porter. "We took a tour of the campus and the facilities, and we just talked about the program and all of that. Coach Coley was telling me how they really like me and how they really want me. With him I feel that if I were to go to FSU I'd be in good hands."

"Even though Coach Haggins wasn't there we were able to talk on the phone," continued Porter. "He was at a clinic speaking, but we talked on the phone off and on throughout (the visit). After it I talked to him for an hour more. Man I am building a great relationship with Coach Haggins. He is a great coach, and from talking to people he knows what he is doing. I think the thing I like about him is how honest he is with me. A lot of people tell me I can get early playing time, but how do I know if my body is ready for college? Coach tells me that if I come in and work hard I could earn it. That is what I want. I want to play early, but I want to earn the playing time."

Porter said that during the visit he really hit it off with Jacobbi McDaniel. Elliot said that McDaniel was telling him about what FSU has to offer, and they talked about what it would be like to play next to each other for the next 3-4 years.

"Jacobbi is a cool dude," said Porter of the new Seminole defensive tackle. "We were talking about FSU and how I'd fit there. We talked about playing next to each other and how it would be great. He someone who's lead I would like to follow. He was recruiting me; I'm just trying to get my bearings but it is working."

Elliot said that he came on the visit with his father and his uncle as Porter's father will play a big role in his decision. It looks like FSU did an excellent job of impressing the entire family.

"My dad and uncle came with me on the visit," Porter said, "and they liked it as much as I did. "My dad is very picky in that he wants good academics first. Next he wants to see how the school is going to take care of me, and how my career would go at that school. Finally he wants me to have a good relationship with the coaches. FSU has all of that. He liked it a lot. With the new freshman dorms and new indoor facility coming they are making it back. My father told me he would be fine with me going there. I know when he likes something, and I could tell he liked FSU. That's good because he plays a big role, and I really like FSU."

Porter did admit that he came close to pulling the trigger for the ‘Noles on the visit, but he wants to check out a few other schools before he makes any sort of decision.

"I was surprised about the visit and I did think about pulling the trigger, but I gotta respect the other schools and see what else is there first," explained Porter. "I want to visit LSU again and I might take another visit to FSU for their Showtime camp. I might be riding up with Damien Jacobs. He is big on FSU and I am going to talk to him to see if he feels the same about them as I do. We'd be a big force there. Other than that I'm not sure yet on the others (visits)."

There is no doubt that FSU made a huge impression on Porter.

"The visit moves FSU up big," said Porter. "There is really no question about it. I felt blown away by everything."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Porter and the rest of the 2010 recruits the Seminoles are targeting.

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