Seminole Showtime Top Performers

NoleDigest was on hand for Showtime Saturday night at Doak Campbell. With over 100 recruits in attendance there were several who stood out. NoleDigest breaks down the top performers from the camp as there were a handful of players that stuck out.

Florida State's Seminole Showtime has come and gone for 2009. With star athletes all over the field the coaches had a chance to evaluate some of the nation's best players. With well over 100 prospects on hand it was difficult to get a glimpse of everyone, but here are some of the top players that stood out at each position.


Clint Trickett: The N. Florida Christian standout has amazing poise and throws a very catchable ball. He was the most consistent quarterback there tonight as he showed excellent footwork, a great release and the ability to make all of the throws. Really he throws a beautiful ball. He did excellent in the 7-0n-7's as he made good reads and led his receivers well.

C.J. Bennett: The 6' 200 pound signal caller was better than expected. While he isn't the biggest quarterback out there he showed great velocity on his throws, especially on the out routes. He is very accurate and he led his man almost every time. He was very close to Trickett in being the best signal caller there. He did well enough that Coach Fisher from FSU called him up to his office after the camp was over.

Running Back:

Tahj Kimble: After starring last week at the Bowden Camp Kimble was invited back for today's festiviites. He did not disappoint. NoleDigest was told by a former player that he was the best back there. He is a legit 5'11" 200 pounds of solidly built muscle. Tonight he was light on his feet, was able to make quick cuts and show explosiveness, and he caught the ball well in 7-on-7 and 1-one-1's.

Wide Receiver:

Kenny Shaw: Kenny kept up his stellar summer at Showtime tonight. His route running made him hard to stop. He embarrassed 2 corners on double moves, and he caught just about everything thrown to him. Kenny is simply putting himself in the discussion as one of the state's best overall players.

Charles Lovett: The 2011 recruit was unstoppable all night. Whether it was short outs, intermediate routes or the streak, every corner had problems with this dynamic player. The biggest thing with Charles is he is 5'6" tall, but he gets up for the ball and runs great routes. Great player.

Andre Davis: The Tampa-Jefferson wide out didn't disappoint as he showed he is a must have for 2011. Davis has good size at 6'2" 185 pounds. Like Shaw he runs good routes and he is explosive off of the line. He showed great strength at the line. He caught everything thrown to him. The few times he fought the ball he had the defensive back all over him, but he still made the grab.

Offensive Line:

Ed Christian: Ed was the premier lineman there. He fought guys like Corey Miller, Brandon Willis, Tavaris Barnes, Darius Cummings, etc and held his own. Great size, great feet and long arms.

Defensive Line:

Corey Miller: FSU is getting a legit star in Miller. Corey is EXPLOSIVE off the line. I capitalized that for emphasis. He's big, strong and moves very well. He is coachable. He was very hard to stop in the 1-on-1's. Corey is the real deal.

Darius Cummings: Cummings worked both inside and out tonight and didn't disappoint. Again, I use the word explosive because Cummings gets off the line well. He is fast and he has light feet.

Tim Jernigan: The 2011 standout was awesome until he aggravated his shoulder. Had he worked the whole thing he may have ended up as the best defensive linemen there.

Brandon Willis: The Byrnes kids are the truth. Willis was probably the strongest lineman there as he physically dominated the 1-on-1s. In the drills Willis was impressive in that he was fluid for a guy his size and uses his hands very well. Willis uses leverage very well.


Jeff Luc: Same old same old for Luc. One play he knocked the snot out of the guy who caught the ball, causing the coaches, players and fans go wild.

Holmes Onwukaife: Holmes is a guy fans haven't heard about but at Showtime this Texas linebacker was very impressive. He has great feet, moves well, and covered the back better than any other linebacker at the camp. Holmes recently moves to outside linebacker and he showed that he's capable of making the move. With 21 offers look for his list to grow soon.

Defensive Back:

Cody Riggs: Riggs was the best cover corner at the camp. While he isn't the biggest guy there he was in great position. He has good recovery speed and shows the ability to jam, play off read the receiver well. Riggs may be the best cover corner in the state.

Keion Payne: Like Riggs Payne was impressive. He sticks to him man like glue. He got beat a few times but he was in position each time as the receiver made a good grab.

Eddie Williams: The 2012 star is special. He is one of the best players in the state regardless of class. He is long, has excellent range, and long arms to go with his frame. WOW!

Terrence Brooks: Terrence is a work in progress as he is learning the cornerback position. He showed good potential as he is quick and he has excellent hips.

Rashad Knight: He did well enough to garner attention, but with the guys ahead of him on board at corner he may not get offered at that spot. He is smaller than I originally thought but he has the capability to play safety if FSU wanted.

Tyler Hunter: The Lowndes standout is a legit 6'1" and 200+ pounds, and he lined up at both corner and safety tonight. He looked nervous at first and it showed as he was caught sitting on his heels a couple times. Once he settled down he made play after play. With his size he may play safety in college, but he has the hips and the ability to open up and run to play corner.

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