Haggins Soaks in Showtime Environment

Jared Haggins didn't get a chance to work out at Seminole Showtime but he was able to soak in the environment as he watched the festivities. NoleDigest caught up with him to get his thoughts on the day and to see what the latest is with his recruitment.

Lakeland quarterback Jared Haggins was in town for Seminole Showtime Saturday but he didn't get the chance to workout due to an injury he got last week at Florida State's Bobby Bowden camp. He told NoleDigest that he wanted to participate Saturday but his coaches wouldn't let him.

"Last week I kind of over did it working at all of the positions I worked at and I ended up tweaking my knee and getting a hip flexor," said the Lakeland athlete. "I really wanted to participate today but my coaches didn't want me to so I just decided to hang out and watch what's going on."

While Haggins didn't get the chance to workout he told NoleDigest that he had a good time hanging out and watching the recruits go at it.

"I came up here last year and participated but I couldn't play this year but I had a really good time watching," said Haggins. "Coming back here watching the guys compete was cool. I got a chance to watch the guys FSU is recruiting so I could see what they're looking for. I heard they got a couple guys to commit so that's good for them."

Scooter did admit that hearing the guys commit made him consider his future in terms of him and the Seminoles.

"I mean, seeing these guys play in this stadium, and the fact it is a good school, makes me think about them," explained Haggins. "FSU is building the program for a better team and they offer me a good chance to come in a play. FSU is definitely one of my top schools."

Haggins isn't sure when his visit to Ohio State is going to happen but soon after that he says he will be ready to make his decision.

"I got the visit to Ohio State coming up so after that I will have seen all of the schools I am interested in," said Haggins. "After that I am going to go home, sit down and evaluate the schools in terms of what I like and don't like about each of them and what their rosters look like."

Haggins did tell NoleDigest that FSU is recruiting him as a receiver, but if they offered him a chance to play defense it could possibly expedite his decision and make it easier for him to end his recruitment.

"FSU is recruiting me as a wide receiver but I pretty much grew up thinking I was going to play my college career as a defensive back," explained Haggins. "I miss playing safety. If FSU offered me a chance to play on that side of the ball it would make me more comfortable in my decision."

Jared is down to a final 4 as FSU, Ohio State, Tennessee and USF are the group of schools he will be choosing from. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Jared as well as several recruits who were in town for Showtime this weekend.

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