PA QB Talks FSU Showtime Camp and Recruiting

Anthony Gonzalez was in town for Seminole Showtime this weekend. It was his first trip to Tallahassee, and by all accounts the Pennsylvania quarterback had a good time. NoleDigest caught up with the Bethlehem, PA standout to talk about this visit and to see what his plans are heading into the fall.

Anthony Gonzalez was in town for Seminole Showtime to participate in the camp, but he was also in town to make an unofficial visit. The Seminoles have been one of his favorites for some time now so he wanted to take this opportunity to see what Florida State has to offer him. He told NoleDigest that he had a good time at the camp and that he enjoyed working with the coaches.

"It was a great experience for me coming down here for the camp," Gonzalez said, "and obviously it is just a beautiful campus down here. I liked getting the chance to work with Coach Fisher and Chris Weinke. Coach didn't have much of chance to work with me one on one but he was telling me things about my footwork and stuff like that as I get reps. It was just a different atmosphere around here and I liked getting the chance to throw the ball to the different guys that were here."

Jimbo Fisher has been one of the primary reasons why FSU is in it for Anthony. He said that getting a chance to work with Fisher is something that he'd like to look in to.

"Basically with Coach Fisher's track record of putting guys into the league you know that is something that sticks out about FSU," said Gonzalez of Fisher. "He is a guy I would like to work with because he has shown that he can be a guy who can get me to the next level."

With the visit over with FSU Gonzalez plans on taking a break heading into the season. He did say he has the list of schools that he'll take official visits to.

"I don't have a top list but I have the list of schools I am going to take officials to," said Gonzalez. "Missouri, Oregon, Illinois, FSU and Pitt are the schools I will be taking officials to. This is the first time I have seen FSU and I liked it so I will be heading down for the Miami game. I want to take my other officials to see where the other schools are at with me."

The camp impressed Anthony as he says FSU still sits in a good spot for him heading into the fall.

"The big thing with FSU is that it is in Florida and I like the weather," explained Gonzalez of FSU. "The campus is nice and you can tell this is a big football town. We'll see what happens but this visit was definitely as positive for FSU."

Look for Anthony to make his decision after he takes his officials.

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