ND Exclusive: One-on-one with Derek Nicholson

Over the weekend, former Florida State linebacker Derek Nicholson sat down with NoleDigest to discuss what he has been up to recently. He spoke about past memories at FSU, his future plans and his insights on this year's FSU football team.

NoleDigest: What have you been up to since graduating this past spring?
Derek Nicholson: A whole lot of working out. I just want to make sure that I am ready for the upcoming season.

ND: What are your plans for the season?
DN: Well, I just had a little setback with the Atlanta Falcons. It was unfortunate, but nothing that I personally could have controlled. I actually impressed the coaches but it was something with the front office that didn't work out. But, there is a very, very good chance that I will be in camp and make someone's team. I have a few workouts coming up and I know that I'll be able to do enough to make a roster.

ND: Can you talk about the teams that you will be working out with?
DN: I don't want to say publicly right now because anything can happen, but there are a couple teams that I'll be getting with. There are two or three teams of which I am pretty sure that I will be on when training camps starts later this month.

ND: What kind of role are you looking to play this season for whichever team?
DN: I'm going into it like I came to Florida State. I'm looking to contribute on special teams first and eventually work my way up to a starting job. I think I'm very consistent and can make an impact on any team that I play for.

ND: Going backwards now, when you look back on your time at FSU, what do you remember and miss the most?
DN: I remember being in the hotel on a Saturday morning preparing for the game just thinking about the tasks at hand for the afternoon. Then the bus ride over from Thomasville to Doak and then just walking out of the tunnel wearing that Seminole helmet with my Seminole jersey on getting ready for war. That's what I remember most from FSU.

ND: Looking at FSU this season, what do you think the team's chances are to win the ACC for the first time since 2005, a team which you were a part of?
DN: Oh their good. They are always good here. It's not always about the talent, but these guys really have it. The biggest thing with them will be if they can come together as a team and stick with each other every week. If they do that, they have a very good chance to win it.

ND: Who do you see stepping up this season as the leader of the defense based on what you saw towards the end of last season?
DN: I think Dekoda Watson is ready. He has shown that he can really be a good leader on and off the field so I really think he will be the leader of the defense this year.

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